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Puzzle Cache ... Name One


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my two most well-recieved caches so far are these two puzzles:


Alien Alphabet


Alien Alphabet 2: Morbo's Revenge


These puzzles turned out EXACTLY the way I had planned in my mind and I'm very pleased with them. Everyone that has completed them has had a lot of fun. I even had people emailing me from other states telling me how much they enjoyed working on the puzzles even if they never get to do the caches. I'm not even sure how many people figured out where I got the languages from. I'm hoping for more seasons with more languages so I can do a third sequel.


Then I've got this cache which isn't so much a puzzle, but a trick. As you can see from the logs, those who get it enjoyed it, and those who didn't well...they haven't gone out to find it yet if they have figured it out. Fake-Out


My last puzzle cache is just simple cipher one, nothing really special here.


Monster Mania


They aren't as common in my area as I would like, a few I haven't gotten around to yet, a few I have solved but haven't gotten to them or couldn't find them. I think they are the most rewarding when found though.

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In the San Francisco Bay area, one of the favorite caches of everybody who has attempted it is ANX: The Angle of Eternity (GCK1CC). the tenth in his Assume Nothing series.

This cache is by one of the local experts in camo, but it really doesn't use camo. All stages are unique and require some thought on how to solve, but can and must be done at the stage. Usually people go in groups with different people solving different stages. A lot of people make this a landmark cache. It was my 2000th.

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:laughing: No one has even emailed about my only puzzle cache. It was partly based on Cold Bailey which is in Gilliam County Oregon. My cache is A. Spring (GCWE3D) It involves using benchmark coordinates for 3 objects in Oregon and running a radial (set bearing and distance) for each one. The 3 resulting coords are then averaged for the final cache location. As stated in the cache, using Ed Williams Great Circle Calculator is the best option.

Tom Fuller Crescent, Oregon

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Some of my puzzle cache ideas were bere born as I tried to solve other puzzle caches. I would think I had it but then realize that although I didn't figure it out I had a great idea for a new one. I did some (I thought) simple picture puzzles. One in particular seems to deal people fits. It's called "Splat" and I really thought it was way too easy when I came up with it but a lot of people e-mail me for help. I also thought my cache "Thank a Teacher" was pretty easy but I get more e-mails asking for help on it than all my other puzzles put together.


Just use your imagination. That and look at other puzzle caches for inspiration.

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I'm fond of puzzle hides that don't even appear to be puzzles. You read the page, you reach the end and say "huh?"


For example:



Yes, NTPP is fond of puzzles. One of his had local cachers pulling their hair out going, huh? What? Help!

If Extradition Were Possiple This is one of them I was fortunate enough to solve. (Although the name has changed several times.) it is not as easy as it seems.


A puzzle I recently did has to be in my top ten list. Even if you are not from New England I would still suggest you solve it because it will help you with other puzzles. AlfaBet Soup The owner clearly put a lot of time into creating it.


Loch Cache

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