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National Forest Caching

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I am asking for any help from the Caching Community. The San Juan National Forest in Colorado does not allow geocaches to be placed. So has anyone in the Geocaching community had luck getting a National Forest to allow geocaches?


What is really strange is that there are 100 geocaches already in The San Juan National Forest, if my counting is correct.


Does anyone have an URL links to National Forests who have "Geocaching" Policies?


Thanks for your help!

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There are caches all over the Cleveland National Forest here in Southern California. I don't think they have a "policy" about Geocaches, although a local State Park does.


Geocachers have worked with the Forest Service to clean up roadsides and canyons by having CITO Events. Around here, I think the Forest Service personnel like the activity of Geocaching. :D

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One example: "Allegheny National Forest geocaching policy.


Geo-caching is a permissible dispersed recreation activity on most areas of the Allegheny National Forest.


Areas where geo-caching is not permitted include: Hickory Creek and Allegheny Islands Wilderness; Tionesta Scenic and Research Natural Areas; Hearts Content Scenic Area and all developed recreation sites.


No soil disturbance is permitted for any geo-cache placement on the Forest. Caches should be covered with leaves or woody debris if the geo-cacher chooses to screen the cache at the site.


We ask all geo-cachers to remove their cache if the site receives a large number of visits by others as evidenced by a well-worn trail or path.


We ask that all caches be removed after one year regardless of site activity and moved to a new location or removed from the National Forest."


Strangely when I click on Mark Twain National Forest's geocaching policy link, I get a blank page? Does that mean that it is ok in there?


Found this while doing my research, sounds reasonable: "If you are locating a cache on National Forest System lands, follow all existing regulations when geocaching. This includes abiding by all motor vehicle restrictions, avoiding damage to trees and plants, avoiding impacts to streams and wetlands and minimizing your impact on the land and other forest visitors. Permanent or long-term structures or improvements are not allowed. If you are unsure about whether geocaching is appropriate, please contact the local U.S. Forest Service office and ask." :D:D:D


From the Georgia Geocachers Association web page: "Geocaches are not allowed in Wilderness Areas in the National Forest Areas. The USDA Forest Service currently has a moratorium on cache placement in GA. No new caches will be approved at this time. We hope to have a permit in place that will allow cache placements in the National Forest again soon."


I'd say that there is very little uniformity amongst the National Forests and therefore it would seem wise to obtain explicit permission, either from their published litrature or directly from the local forest's management before placing any cache. :D:D:D

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