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No Audio When I Make Dvds From My Dv Movies Help!

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You Geocachers are a smart lot so I'm guessing someone has run into this problem before.


I'm trying to make DVDs from my DV (digital cassette) camera. I can get the movies into AVI files within the computer without any problem. These I can play and they look and sound wonderful etc.


However, when I use Nero to create my own DVD everything appears to work fine except when I watch the finished product there is no sound. Argh!!! I've ruined more DVD blanks than I care to admit. I managed to get one with sound but the image and audio were so jerky its impossible to watch. I tried re-loading the software to no avail.


Anyone run into this problem and figure it out?




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Did that Nero software come free with whatever (camera, DVD burner, box of Cheerios)? If so, try new software. I use Roxio Easy Media Creator (I have version 7). Even after that, I had sound problems with the actual video files on the computer. That was cured by using the FIREWIRE connection instead of USB when streaming the video from camera to computer.


I've found that any free software that comes with anything related to DVD has some major flaw in it (It won't work with my burner, or the DVD's won't play on my TV's DVD player, or something major like that). After adding a firewire card to my computer and connecting that way, Roxio's product solved all other issues.

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