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  1. The only thing I can think of is perhaps it's bundles with some Maritime Charts? (BlueChart) With a microSD card, you can load practically anything and everything you want. My 60Cx has served as my cache buddy, truck navigator, and on the water. I have Topo, City Navigator, and Bluechart 8.5 on it. Love it to death... just wish it got better battery life, but it could just be time to replace my well-used NiMHs.. Shame it doesn't like lithium batteries...
  2. As Piscatore said, the MOB function is EXTREMELY useful to saltwater fishermen. When trolling for tuna, hitting the MOB when you get a hookup will allow you to nav quickly back to the school after landing the fish. When drifting for flounder/weakies/stripers/etc, hitting MOB when you get bites will give you a reference point that, in conjunction with displayed tracks, will allow you to shorten your drifts and maximize your catch. I use my 60cx's MOB all the time when I'm on my skiff, drifting the back bays of NJ for fluke. It allows me to get right back on schooling fish or structure and catch my limit in about 1/5th the time I used to spend. Saves me $$$ on fuel, bait, and lost tackle. On a side note, to those boaters out there with autohelms, check the "off course" limits of your helm unit, and be VERY cautious of hitting MOB while at speed. Twice, while on the family's 41 Albermarle, MOB was accidentally pressed instead of MARK on our Northstar to mark a wreck we ran over while cruising at 30+ knots.... Unfortunately, the old autohelm didn't seem to mind the sudden 180 degree course change given by the GPSr, and put the rudders to max stardboard... 19 tons of engine, fuel, fiberglass, gear, and crew have a lot of momentum.... And that boat practically corners on a dime... Fortunately no one went overboard, but everyone got tossed around pretty hard, gear that we thought to be secured proved us wrong... many beverages were lost. Not a pretty sight, and made the rest of the day painful as most had some form of sprain from trying to stay onboard. Just thought I'd share that as the only 'downside' I can see to the MOB function.
  3. AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This outfit is a spin-off of "Hobbytron.com".... Search Utah's BBB site for some info on those a**-Clowns. They WILL rip you off, they WILL deliver knock-offs, opened, and refurb items claiming they are new.. They have ZERO customer service skills. Do yourself a favor and spend your money elsewhere. There are countless threads on the RC groups about this scam/crook outfit.
  4. Let Garmin fix it, and enjoy your remaining warranty period... Then get some chili sauce and make some General Meow's Chicken. Any pet that eats electronics deserves to be homeless or on the dinner menu... just my opinion.
  5. 2gb Sandisk in my 60Cx, works like a dream.
  6. My RAZR's car charger works fine with my LegendC and my 60Cx. As mentioned above, it's a smart charger. Meaning it has some mystery signal in it that the phone must sense to go into charge mode. End result, you can use the RAZR charger with your phone and your GPSr, but the GPSr's charger will not work with your RAZR. Doesn't really bother me, as I have several MOTO chargers, and multiple power ports in my truck. I like the MOTO chargers because they have a coiled cable vs the straight, stiff Garmin charger, and keep things orderly on my dash.
  7. I do the same, but it's important to note that the it only works in one direction... IE, you can't charge your Razor using the Garmin 12V adapter.... just don't work... There must be some identification circuitry in the Motorola adapter that Garmin ignores, but Razors require, in order to charge...
  8. Can't speak for the Palm, but I know it won't work with my Motorola cell phone... Odd thing is my Motorola charger runs my GPSr just fine... (PDA and Cell manufacturers put a chip in the charger that sends a signal thru the power leads so that only their authorized accesories will activate the charging loops... Dell is another notorious brand for this...)
  9. When you unlock the update, you will still be able to unlock it to two units. Just be sure when you order the update that you provide a coupon code tied to your newest handheld... otherwise you'll need to spend some time on the phone getting Garmin to unlock your newest unit and not the one you haven't used in over a year. (and maintaining your second unlock.)
  10. Quad-helix should be less sensitive to the orientation of the antenna... In theory, a patch completely perpendicular to the transmitter will collect more signal. Since you need signals from multiple transmitters, ideally spaced as far apart as possible, the edge goes to quad-helix.
  11. Just curious... I have 7.5 and 8.0.... Can't seem to be able to view new charts from 8.5 on the website. Looking for feedback on any corrections, updates, additional detail between versions as I'll have to pay for this update. I do spend a lot of time on the water, and my current charting is about 16 months old, so I'll be looking for updates within the next 16, just curious if this release is worth the $75 or not. (If it has some of the recently placed reef units or artificial wrecks, it may will be!) TIA Pat
  12. I gave up on the Lithiums in my 60Cx... and just stick with my plethora of NiMH's at 2600mAH... I only use the lithiums in my Legend C. No worries.... The Legend is my "dashboard fixture" while the 60Cx dashes around for the detail work or resides on the console of my boat (where it's plugged in to a 12V port.) Sadly, if it were a software/firmware issue (60Cx & Lithium) I have to assume it would have been fixed by now. At this point I must assume that Garmin goofed in the hardware design and has concluded that they'll get too many warranty returns/repairs if the high-voltage limit is raised to accomodate the e2's.
  13. The first time is always the worst. Gotta take it slow and be gentle, otherwise you can make a mess of things, and raise some frustration levels if it doesn't work out and you have to 'reset' to phase 1.
  14. I honestly believe that if you're going to use the unit for anything in addition to caching (eg, routing while driving, boating use, etc) You'll get the biggest bang for your buck by going with the 60Cx. You get expandable memory, the sirf chipset (which ROCKS!!!) a bigger display and a better layout for the buttons. I totally believe the 60Cx is Garmin's best product.
  15. Seen great deals/steals on LegendC's on eBay... Quite a capable unit.
  16. As was stated, you'll get the best results (and therefore less frustration!) by making sure you have routing set to "Prompt" so you can tell it to use "Off Road" or "Follow Road" based on whether you're driving or caching. I actually use a combo of both... I'll lock it to the road as I drive to the cache area, then quick "recalculate" chosing the off road option for the final hunt after I park the truck. Very handy. It also helps to leave it in prompted mode if you also use the gps for marine use and don't feel like changing the map setup screen that often.
  17. I use "North UP" for land use and "Track Up" for Marine use... Not sure why... I guess because when I used to use paper maps in the truck they're all "north up" and all of the big Furuno or Northstar GPS I used on commercial boats were set to rotate the charts so your heading was always up.
  18. Um, no. I've dabbled with darn near every manufacturer's handhelds. I have just about ZILCH to garner from most of the opinions posted here. Note, I said opinions... Always looking for input on various software/firmware feedback. Yup. knew that. Still apples to oranges when you consider the units the OP was speaking about.... Actually, if you've been following the updates of the past 6 months, this isn't an issue for Garmin units any longer..... So the street names included in the Garmin Topo maps, that just happen to match the signs in front of my home, and all around my neighborhood, are wrong?? Guess I better erase it from my GPSr and send the cd back.. Thanks for the heads up. Yup, I guess there's a big difference between SD and transflash. Thanks for totally wasting my time, and for being 100% wrong. Get a job for the weather service... At least they don't have standards for accuracy.
  19. Another worthless post... To quote your sig line... That sums it all up... TROLL And I notice you refused to refute the plethora of comments I made in the original post. Your reply-fu is weak... I stand by my gut reaction. TROLL. Go play with your magellan... At this point I'm having doubts you really did buy a Garmin. You've failed to mention what firmware updates, if any, you've attempted to run.. You've simply bashed an aged unit and run, and proceeded to taunt/ridicule those that had the audacity to point out your folly. TROLL.
  20. http://www.pricegrabber.com/rd.php/pg=~~12...f01e180cc41a730 $45.50 for 1GB shipped.
  21. Works on my 60cx! I love it!!!!!!
  22. Everyone! Grab your bats!!! There's still some life left in this horse, I swear it!!! Dubbin, plain and simple, you have buyer's remorse. You're comparing apples to oranges. Your Magellan's receiver is ahead of the 60cs. Had you bought a 60cx, it would be a different story. In all honesty, the wording of your posts IS enough to infer a significant bias toward Magellan... Therefore, I deem your original post to be a Magellan vs Garmin TROLL post. You've made up your mind. Some will agree, some will differ.... Life goes on. From here forward I resign myself to NEVER read another G vs M thread, and permanently place those who start such threads in my ignore list... waste of time........
  23. I tried what you described above and can't duplicate the problem..... What you describe, though, is eerily reminiscent of the infamous Lithium battery issue... Curious what your power source is...
  24. Remove and reinstall all software and drivers, then run windoze update to make sure you have the latest codecs and directx. If that don't work, dust off and nuke it from orbit... It's the only way to be sure.
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