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Why Not Log A Dnf

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People are VERY worried about hurting their ego. When they log a DNF, they feel it hurts their ego, so most cachers do not log DNF's.


The funny thing about this is that almost no cachers I've talked to who refuse to DNF will admit it's about their ego. After all, it hurts your ego to admit that you are worried about your ego! :)


Doesn't take long for any debate to degenerate into accusations of impure motive. People who don't log DNFs to your standard of purity are protecting their egos, right? Making statements condemning others' impure motives and implicity congratulating oneself is strong medicine for the ego, too. The never-DNF guy might just want to fail privately, but the DNF-scold is boasting publicly.



This wasn't an "accusation." Nor is worrying about your ego an impure motive. It's completely human to be concerned about your ego. I know I am concerned about mine. I'm no different than everyone else on this planet as far as that. When we 1st started geocaching, we didn't DNF either. After a while, we saw the value in it and now we always post our DNF's despite our bruised ego.


A lot of cachers I talk to don't seem to understand why people DNF. I'm simply offering an explanation for it. I'm not angry at people for DNF's. I totally understand and expect it.


I'm sorry if you thought this was some kind of attack on other cachers. None intended at all. Just pointing out the human nature that we are all a part of.

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I'm up to 252 DNF's now. Do I win? :huh: Actually 3 or 4 of them are for a cacher that refuses to log his DNF's so I logged some on my own caches that I know he should have. I guess I should also mention that he screwed up one of my caches but I didn't know about it for awhile because he never logged a DNF to let me know that there may be a problem with it.

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I log my DNFs and then I usually contact whoever placed the cache. In the few DNFs we've had, one did turn out to be a missing cache. I figure that if I log my DNFs, then the maintainers can check if it's missing or they may be able to steer my newbieness in the right direction.

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