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Help Me Plan My Vacation

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I finally managed to get some leave, and decided to take the family camping next month. I'm looking for a place with some caches, but cache count/quality is only one consideration. I'm looking for nice campgrounds, fishing, and other stuff for my kids (5 & 7) to do. Here are the places I'm considering. If you've been there, let me know what you thought. Also, if you have any other suggestions, let me know. I live in the 62225 area. Here's my list:


Lake of the Ozarks-kinda far, but I hear it's nice, plus the military has a rec area there (I M USAF)



Land between the Lakes-also kinda far, but beautiful, I hear. Cheap fishing licenses, lotsa caches



Washington County conservation Area, Nashville, IL-Close to home, uncrowded

Cons area


Let me know what you think

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We stayed at a KOA in IL which was really nice. They have wireless available to the whole campground. There is a terrific virtual close to the campground and one your kids will really enjoy. There is a Louis and Clark exhibition park just up the road. We weren't here long as we were traveling to NM but found the employees friendly and the other campers nice.


Enjoy your vacation.



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Windermere is a place I will be going to in a few weeks for a Women in the Outdoors event. Our church youth group has been there and my friend tells me it is awesome. It looks like they have LOTS to do for everyone and there are several state parks near by with caches. I hope to hit some of them when I go down there. It is in the Lake of the Ozarks area and is about a 3 hour drive down from St. Louis. There is a bunch of road construction here on I-44 so keep this in mind when you are traveling. Apparently there is a cave at this campground that you can explore too. Good luck and happy cachin' :)
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Not sure if you are familiar with this place or not, Rend Lake but it is an awesome place too. (Much closer too!) We stayed at the South Sandusky campground and we liked it alot. There is a huge sandy beach somewhat near the campground and the roped off area for swimming was great. It was very shallow and slowly got deeper. A good thing when you have young kids. :)

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I have been to the Lake Of the Ozarks a lot. It has everything from go carts to quiet secluded coves. If you want peace and quiet stay off the main lake and on the smaller arms of the lake. There is some great fishing in the lake and on the rivers feeding the lake. Canoeing the area rivers is also a very pleasant way to spend the day. There is also a lot of "outlet shopping" if that maters.


I have found quite a few very nice caches in the area. Try the area around Ha Ha Tonka. It it beautiful.

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Rend lake is nice we camp there in the summer. We camp at Stephen A. Forbes a lot in the sprin and fall to fish. Washington county is a nice area too. its just 5 minutes from work for me, not a lot of caches close to it though. Carlyle Lake would be close for you. there are lots of caches around it. Plus I think there is a park with min golf and go carts somewhere in Carlye. Another park that is nice is Pere Marquette State Park . It was the home of MOGA 2006 this spring.

Hope this helps some.



also LBL is nice. Haven't camped there but have been to the lake once and been caching around it once. lots of caches. for the kids there is a water park in Eddyville, KY. If you ride 4 wheelers there is good place to ride just north of LBL called Paddy's Bluff.

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