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What Can You Absolutly Not Do Without?

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Our car <_<


I also like to take my camera, hiking shoes, black rubbish bag and printouts of caches not found yet.


With Cara being a toddler, there are a whole host of other non-caching related items as well, but I wont go into the details there!

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We take our two four-legged companions if the cache area permits it. We have been trying, with no luck, to teach them to sniff out Tupperware and SWAG. I also always carry an assortment of trail maps in my daypack. Strange I know, but I carry my GPS and a small collection of SWAG to work with me every day. The things we geocachers get up to!

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I try to carry as little as possible when out and about. Partly because I don't like carrying stuff, and partly in case I have a Bob experience, I won't loose much.


But I am carrying my iPod more and more these days. Having the cache info saved in the notes field to scroll to is rather nice. and not carrying folders of papers is just great.


So I go Garmin, iPod, car keys, pen and NB shoes to protect the feet. rarely trade swag.


The non-geocacher gets on my case about sunscreen, but I usually forget!!!

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For me it's Wizki, the dog (won't do a cache if I can't take him!) Terry, my Dad, for his incredible ability to spot things that I miss! My ATS's (all terrain shoes!) Can't go anywhere without them. And then the usual, hat, sunscreen, geo-goodies for trading, etc.

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As little as possible - goodies to swop and the instructions for the cache, and the Petzl Tikka Headlamp (even in the day - too many a cache trip took too long :( because there are just this next one to do!!! :ph34r:


A small container with bio-degradable handcleaner and a handful of toiletpaper in a Ziploc in my backpack. Nice to clean the hands and bury the paper after wiping the grime off. (just dig the holey before cleaning :( )


And always enough water - too much rather - after having an experience or two of dehydration. :P


And in my car always a little container with goodies to swop... one never knows! :)

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