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Would This Work For A Tb?


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I've thought of an idea for my first TB and wanted to see what everyone else thinks. A week after I graduated HS in 1999 I was giving the opportunity to go to Australia and play football for a week. I'd like to release a TB that would retrack my route there and back. The route would be as follows:


Released in South/Central IL

Go to Chicago O'hare Airport

Go to LAX Airport

Go to Aukland New Zealand International Airport

Go to Sydney International Airport and then the Opera House in Sydney

Go to Brisbane Australia Airport and then hang around the beach at Surfer's Paradise and the local clubs in the area

Go back to Sydney International

Go back to Aukland New Zealnad Airport

Go to Honululu Airport and hang around the Waikiki Beach and see the USS Arizona Memorial

Go back to LAX

Go back to O'hare

and back to south Central IL


Does anyone think this would be possible? I think it would be interesting to have people log pics of some of the places that I visited and loved being at during my week and a half of travel through the areas.

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I'd say 'gopher-it'; although I've never come across a TB with such a specific routing. You're ready cutting down the options for some alternate sight-seeing. I'm wondering - 'If you took another trip, would you want to follow the exact same itinerary, or would you be looking for something new ?'

Perhaps 'Illy' to Kiwiland, then Oz and return would be enough. You might even get some pics of stuff you missed the first time.

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I think that it would be possible, but it could take a while (a long while). Sometimes people do no read the goals and take it somewhere else, frustrating the goals. Also, TBs frequently get lost or kept. Another thing would be thatthe people that take it there would have to be traveling, which takes a bit of luck. You may want to arrange for a pickup by somebody going say from O'hara to LAX over the forums by swomeone in your area (try the by area section). I think that your goal is doable but very ambitious. ;)

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Whatever floats your boat! But I'd suggest a more generalized itinerary. I (and I suspect many, many others) have an unreleased TB of Nemo and another of Crush (the turtle) ... [my daughter worked on the movie so we are naturally drawn to it] but for both the TB's the goal is fairly simple. One of the things that I thought of as I wrote the goals was to allow the finder to interpret the goal themselves, to allow their own imagination to enter into the TB travels. One that I have released has my wife's goal to go to Key West. The first finder took it to Ithaca New York with a nice explanation, it was closer to water (Lake Eire) there. Now Ithica is NOT closer to Key West than I am but the finder was creative and my bug got to go someplace that I hadn't expected. I was very pleased even though I wouldn't have expected it to go that direction. But it was quickly picked up and is winging its way to central Florida. At least that the last I've heard ... who knows? ...


To me the fun is watching how other people interpret your goals and interact with your bug. I think that giving people the room to have fun with it will make the whole experience a lot more fun.


Of course you can set the goals/rules any way you like but remember that you need to ENGAGE the finder in your plan. You are not dealing with robots that will blindly follow your instructions. Make it fun for the finders and it is more likely that they will advance toward the goal.


So I would say to write your TB goals with the thought that many people are going to pick it up and send it on its way, tickle their fancy, engage their imaginations! This is an interactive sport when we get involved with TB's, the finder and the owner and maybe even the kibbitzers who read the logs. We get to show some imagination here ... let's have fun!


Whew! Didn't think I'd get that into it. The fun is the thing.


Bill W

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You could try, but first remember that placing caches at airports isn't always the best move. Cachers have been arrested searching/placing caches near airports. Homeland security and all that. You can't just ask cachers to take it to an airport, they need to be logged in and out of caches to track them. Also, you would need to attach a goal sheet to it, and then hope that people read them. Sometimes the most circuitous route is the fastest. :P You might first search for caches near aiports and make a list of the ones you'd like it to visit and then if that actually happens, you'd be the first, and we'd have to have a parade! -_-

Fair warning, Travel Bugs are lots of fun and you get great stories and photos from around the world, but read the longevity thread and the TB Obituary Thread first, so you don't get your expectations too high.

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