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  1. You might try GPS visualizer. http://gpsvisualizer.com/convert?form=address
  2. Yes, having the cace information and te int make finding it a heck of a lot easier, but it does take a little of te fun out of it. And sometimes caches don't have hints, which is ok. But knowing what the cache container is and wat size it is is helpfuil. After all, how can you find something if you don't know what you're looking for. Trying adding tags, like M for micro on your GPSr.
  3. I am in the process of placing a series of caches in my town. I have a map of all the trails and conservation land in my town, and I want to know where the free space in town is. Howver, I can't just download the coordinates and compare it to the map, for many of the caches in the area are puzzle caches or premium-member only. I am not a premium member. What would be the best way to figure out where all the other caches are? Contact the owners? The reviewer? Other ideas?
  4. I wonder if Groundspeak could use computers to automatically compile a list based on the Tb pages. I'm sure it woud be possible by writing someprogram and a new page for the server. However, it might be a little work... However, I feel guilty myself as I have been holding 3 Tbs for about a month now... The weather here's been really bad, and I've been busy... oh well, will get into a cache ASAP.
  5. Yeah, you should buy the Legend. For only a little more money, you get a unit that can do more. But the Yellow is fine too.
  6. The fact that it is not capable of WAAS should not account for 11 minutes of difference, it should only account for about 10-15 meters. Also, Selective Availability has been turned off.
  7. My local surplus store is mildly expensive for ammo cans @ $7.00 for a .30 and $9.00 for a .50 and has plenty (a surplus, you might say) But I'm imp;atient, and I enjoy hiding caches, so I buy a few occasionally anyway. But maybe now I'll think ahead and buy some in advance for cheaperthandirt...
  8. While reading popular science, I came an article about a new GPS-like navigation system called Galileo. The article can be found at http://www.esa.int/esaNA/GGGMX650NDC_index_0.html Has anyone else heard about this? In my opinion, the only improvement over NAVSTAR is the allowed civilian use of the dual-bands.
  9. I was thinking it might be an interesting puzzle cache to have the cacher go to a location and measure the degrees and distance to a cache with their gps. Using the measurements, they could use trigonometry to project a waypoint where the cache is. Also, could I have a picture with parralel lines with a transversal(s) and give only one angle and have the cacher figure out the other angles to find the cache? They would be numbered and could be put in rder. Would this fly, am I crazy, or did I just confuse people? Cuz I don't think my post is all so clear.
  10. Cool. I never knew I could do that... Thanks!!!
  11. I'm pretty sure it isn't allowed for the lising guidelines state: "Caches may be quickly archived if we see the following (which is not inclusive): * Caches on land maintained by the U.S. National Park Service or U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (National Wildlife Refuges)" When in national parks, the only caches I've seen or heard of have been virtuals.
  12. Try Googling it - use the image search function at images.google.com.
  13. With my vist cx, I havn't really had that problem (although do have DNFs but don't attribute them t the GPS). Usually at a cache, my vista cx will read anywhere from 0 ft. to 20 ft. These inaccuracies I believe, can be attributed to the GPS system as a whole. Unless I have a diefferential fix, I seee no problem. But I wonder what is up with your's....
  14. The compass is helpful if you want to determine the direction to a cache without haing to move. The altieter/barometeer is an extra feature that is nice to have, but wholly unnecessry for caching. It can graph yoyu elevatin over time and distance, and tell you if the weather is going to get bad (falling-raising pressure). But keep in mind that these are both gadgets. However, I believe the Legend Cx is $239 while the vista is $350. However, if you buy from Backpacker.com, you can get US TOPO map discs for $10 more, a $115 value. Also, like otyhers have said, you get an elevation tracklog, which plots you elevation and point on a map. Even, it can show good hunting and fishing times for the day. If I were you, I'd pay the $5 extra and get the vista cx over the legend cx.
  15. Well, once on the way to a cache I found an intact deer skeleton. It was lying in perfect position, just as you'd expect a dead deer to look. Most of the flesh was gone, and the bones were bleached white. In some places though, their was still some fur. All the teeth were still in the mouth. I'm pretty sure it died of disease or age, for the skeleton was perfect, lying exact;y as a deer would stand, and it didn't have any broken ribs or bones.
  16. Use Google Translate, found at translate.google.com.
  17. Sounds like fun...I love Lost. But really, there should be a caching related Alias game. Caching is so Alias-ish!
  18. geocaching is tyhe best hobby ever (at least to me) and I have proof. Ususally, when I pick up a new hobby, I am excited about it for a couuple months, or even a couple of weeks (I f i'm lucky, I'll get a year of enjoyment.) But caching isn't the same. I havn't stopped loving it. Also, it encourages me to do activitides that I've dropped but I stil love (like bikig, hiking, and backpacking).
  19. I have a vista cx, and it does get a better signal at a 45 dgree angle. However, on my belt clip (which holds it vertically) it'll hold a signal just fien.
  20. Rather than use fancy lamination, I just type up goals on my computer, print 'em out, and the cover te small tag with clear plastic packing tape. If you do enough layers, it is very good and durab;e, as well as relatively cheap and quick and easy.
  21. Whilte in Texas, I came across a cache that was reported online to have 4 Travel Bugs in it, but when I found it, it had only one in it - one that was not reported to be in it, rather in somebody elses' hands (I took it). I found ajother cache later with no bugs reported in it, but I found 1 in it, which I took. When I logged my finds , the non reported travel bugs were both supposed to be in the hands of one certain cacher who shall remain nameless. I think i can connect the dots and surmise that this cacher was the one who took the four TBS from the first cache and didn't log them. What shuld I do about this?
  22. HI. I was wondering if it could be plausible make my own signature (trackable?) coiuns from tin. I know that you can melt tin (99% pure obtainable from leadfree fish weights) in a cheap measuring cup on your stove (melting point ~225 F) and then pour it into mini muffin tins (the nonstick allows easy recovery of the metal), giving you a very shiny disc/coin like object because i have done it before. While the metal is still hot, I could possibly write things in it with a paper clip. What I was wondering was - A - is this a good idea. B - could I track them with numbers from Groundspeak. C - would anybody be interested in buying cheap coins?
  23. If you want a super cheap, super-portable tripod that people will take notice of, build a soda bottle tripod. Directions at this link: http://www.jakeludington.com/project_studi...cap_tripod.html
  24. I am also interested in caches iun that area.
  25. Hello;. In a few days, I will be traveling around in Texas next week, near big bend and carlsbad caverns. I will also be around Amarillo, TX. Does anyone know of any good (or outstanding) caches in that area?
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