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Scott-n8zus's Geocoin Selling Advice?


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Scott, I'm not sure why you are worried about getting rid of extra coins so soon. The ones people have ordered aren't even shipped yet. I do hope it goes well for you, and if you are into the coin collecting the extras that you may have left will make good trade material! Do you have an idea how many have sold so far?

Good Luck


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1st I know your feelings.

I went through the same emotional turmoils with the ARK-MO Geocachers coins.

I did agree to do it the way we signed the agreement,that was part of the agreement.

I too signed it and made these decisions in advance and understood what the outcome could be.


I know things are slower but I am pretty sure they will sale.

Optomistic...I am not a pessamist(sp).


I also thought of all the different ways I could come up with that much cash at one time,where I could sale it and the whole 9 yards.


I am disabled and on a very fixed income and is the only reason I did it the way I did....I gambled.

It was the only way we could afford it.

And now I am getting flack from some that it was a sold geocoin.


So the moral to the story is.

You can please some of the people some of the time,

But you can never please all the people all the time.


I hope this helps.

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