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For the curious


CSC's video's well worth a download. The polite ripple of applause is very funny. Bo Selector, indeed! :(


While I know this cache was approved by our mods, based in information they were given, perhaps it stands as a warning about the dangers of the commercialisation of the sport. :(


By the sounds of it, I am rather pleased I had other things to do with my Saturday...

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Okay it was not the best but me being a fellow geocaching youth i will support bogwoppit for a couple of reasons!!


1. He is a kid!!!

2. The theme of the series was pretty COOL!!

3. We where all LOST at the end of it (Lost for words but still LOST!!)

4. Its his first event and he is only on 7!!

5. He put in the effort to make a grand entry for the winning team (Team Sludge!!)

6. I met and cached with some great people (Silver Fox, Alibags, Giav, Coppers lot, JollyJax and asharia!!)

7. I had a good laugh and out ran a copper to a cache!!

8. He was polite and spoke to almost everyone!!

9. They made an effort with the garden!!


So I think we should not go so hard on him for i remember when i made my first event i was so00o0o0o nervous and im normally never like that im just HYPER!!!


Okay i didnt have to pay for the petrol and it was stupid how the caches where layed!!


But Rember He Is A Kid!!!



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