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Greasemonkey Scripts - New And Improved

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One new script. One improved script.


Seek Page Logging Link - (New script) Adds the log-a-cache icon next to each entry on a search page. Click it to open the logging page for that cache. Comes in handy when you're logging a lot of caches in a concentrated area, or all by the same owner. Thanks to webscouter for the idea.



Multiple enhancements made to the Log Maximizer script. Removed a bit more unnecessary white space, to give you more room for the text entry box. Added a "remaining characters" count-down, so you'll know when you get too close to that 4k character limit. You can turn the count-down display on or off by clicking the # symbol. But once you get down to 100 characters or less remaining, the count-down will display regardless of the setting. And finally, it hides the travel bug inventory list, so it doesn't take up screen real estate. Instead, there will be a link next to the Submit button that tells you how many items you have in inventory (no link if no items). Clicking the link toggles the display of the inventory selector.



And that Geocache Greasemonkey announcement email list that was previously discussed is now available. You can find out how to join the list on the main page.


Edit: For reasons that have yet to be determined, my mail server is bouncing attempts to join the mail list. So for now, don't try to join.

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Always mount a scratch monkey!


Finally got around to fix the 'Firefoz already running' bug on my

machine and have tested a lot of the scripts. Cool.

Might even go as far as to make the switch from Opera to Firefox

for my GC-surfing...



(have used Opera since about 1.x)

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I've been using" Mozilla Firefox" for several weeks--vastly superior to IE. I can click on 1.Get Firefox and 3. learn how to use and 4. find useful scripts and the links work. I click on Install grease monkey and absolutly nothing happens. :)

Try right-clicking on the install Greasemonkey link, and save the xpi file to your hard drive. Then open it from the File/Open File menu.

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