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Autoroute Positioning Errors

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N52º 19.974 W000º 07.219 is in degrees, minutes and fractions of minutes

52.33303ºN 0.12036ºW is in degrees and fraction of degrees


52.33303ºN 0.12036ºW, expressed in degrees and minutes, is N52º 19.982 W000º 07.221, so the error is only tens of feet.


Edit to add:


Think of degrees and minutes like hours and minutes:

2 hours 30 minutes is the same as 2.5 hours (not 2.30)

5 hours 50 minutes is the same as 5.833 hours (not 5.50)

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I love Auroroute because with GSAK's help it produces this for the whole uk....




Here's Bute as an example. At a glance I can see what sort of caches are where and with a click I see the short info and a double click opens the web page. I find it invaluable.




Thats pretty neat Dave! (another one... :smile: ) Any chance you could post/pm/send through profile a copy of the macro you use for that?


I can export into Autoroute quite happily, but I haven't got the icons!


Many thanks



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I followed this web site.




and read posts about it in the GSAK support forums. It took me a while to set up but I find it useful.



I spent some time last night and some more this morning setting this up and it's working now. It looks great and should be very useful and worth the effort of setting it up. Thanks Dave


For reference I am running AutoRoute 2003 and it works with that.

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If I enter the British Grid reference into Microsoft AutoRoute 2005, it shows the correct location, but the location sensor gives the wrong details:


For instance TL 28175 72200 / N52º 19.974 W000º 07.219 shows on AutoRoute as 52.33303ºN 0.12036ºW


Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong?




Hi, You might have got all this sorted by now but just in case you wanted another way of converting the Lat/Long to work in Autoroute, then try this...it does it all for you.

Go to the cache page that has all the details on for downloading the waypoint and scroll down to the bottom, there you will see an option for choosing maps...choose the Google map...this will show you the waypoint in two formats....the top one is for Autoroute........ just copy the Lat/Long and paste it into the 'FIND' section in Autoroute.... BINGO <_< its done.

Regards.............Red Squadron

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Glad you managed to work through it!


It helps me to see all the different caches on a map on the pc. When I get directions somewhere I can see the close caches to the route and if I'm away a quick search of points of interest lists the numbers of each sort of cache in a 10 mile (or whatever) circle.



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