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  1. It is a shame that there is not an option to turn off all the clutter and have the old page style, I certainly don't care what avatar someone is using, nor am I that interested in the challenges, to be honest, the old virtual cache would get my vote.
  2. Count me in as one of the 200. I use GE two or three times a week to plan caching outings as I travel around the country and had not realised there was a move afoot to remove it [KML] until I tried to tell someone how to install it. Having read the posts here I tried geocaching maps and found it inferior; the amount of screen available to display the actual map makes it very difficult to see the detail I am used to with GE. I do like the ability to turn off found and owned caches though. Perhaps if we could have less text and more map I would like it more. I will stick with with GE as long as possible, but will make an effort to use the new system.
  3. Nice idea, I have just added my details, but there doesn't appear to be a search facility to actually find me in the tree?
  4. I am sure most people are aware by now, but I have found that Tesco stores which have photographic developing services are more than happy to give out bags of empty 35mm film canisters. Since losing two of my caches, I have taken to replacing with said containers and have also added the following text to my hints: This cache is on a hit list from a bunch of vandals who keep destroying the caches in this area (see log for 8th April 2009). Therefore, if you cannot find the cache, please take a picture of your GPS in the position where the cache should be and email it to me. Log your find as though everything was normal. Hopefully these people will eventually have had so many wasted trips to a non-existent cache, that they will cease their activities. I will replace the cache every so often to keep them guessing. Your help is much appreciated. I am sure that they will eventually tire of their "sport" and pick on some other poor group who are causing no harm to anyone.
  5. One of my caches has fallen victim to this bunch (or is it just one or two people in a car?). It was placed near the village of Bythorn, just off the A1 / A14, so it looks like they are headed South from the Peterborough area. Such a sad way to gain enjoyment, especially as they must have the equipment and would otherwise be amassing a healthy find tally.
  6. I came across this thread yesterday and tried out the free map on my Colorado. Seems really good, thanks to all involved. A couple of questions though if I may (apologies if this is the wrong thread). Firstly, I would like to continue to use my Garmin Topo for the road names and switch to OpenStreetMap for footpaths but renaming either map stops it showing in the list of available maps on the Colorado. Is there a naming convention I should be following, or do I have to use two SD cards? Secondly, OpenStreetMap lists as three maps all named "type name" and with the comment "maps uploaded with sendmap" even though I dragged and dropped them in Windows. Have I got something wrong here?
  7. This is especially frustrating when you know that if you were navigating to a waypoint the Colorado would beep when you got near. I've been tempted to write a GSAK macro to clone the cache GCxxxxx waypoints as "Colorado waypoints" - but they're limited to 1000 and I've already got over half that with multi stages, car parking, etc. I didn't know it beeped when approaching a waypoint. Is there a way of requesting enhancements at Garmin maybe?
  8. Hi, I have been using my 300 for a month now and found that the compass would point away from the cache at first. Then discovered turning the compass off under Settings/Heading seemed to cure it. Haven't calibrated the compass since the day I first got it, but have been 100's of miles away and am changing batteries faster than I don't know what, still seems to point at the caches though. The only thing I can't get to work like my old Legend C is having the 300 beep when I get close to the cache - keep walking past and having to backtrack!
  9. Hi, reading this thread, am I correct in assuming that you still have to have an unlock code for the SD cards? I have a Legend C, which would require the Topo DVD, but for a little more money I could get a Vista HCx with a topo on SD card. What I was hoping was to transfer this to a later upgraded handset in a couple of years (assuming the maps and software remain the same)?
  10. Brilliant. I followed your links and within ½ hour I have contours on my Legend C. I will part with the cash for a Garmin UK topo and get the footpaths, streams etc too. Many thanks.
  11. Thanks all, I will give it a try with an OS Anquet 1: 50 000 map.
  12. Great, I take it I don't need any special software to upload? i.e. It will all be on the CD.
  13. Does anyone have a Legend C (not Cx or HCx - no SD card slot) onto which they have successfully loaded topo maps (Any advice on which ones to use would be welcomed too)? I have a unit which is a couple of years old and would like to add a topo map for southern England. The unit connects to my PC via USB cable. Thanks
  14. The caches seem to be updating OK, but the travel bugs won't stick. Also, I seem to have the wrong cache count now. Will have to see if it clears tomorrow.
  15. Many thanks for your advice, the solution gives a fairly close result.
  16. If I enter the British Grid reference into Microsoft AutoRoute 2005, it shows the correct location, but the location sensor gives the wrong details: For instance TL 28175 72200 / N52º 19.974 W000º 07.219 shows on AutoRoute as 52.33303ºN 0.12036ºW Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks
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