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Ac Coin Proof (antique Silver)


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Not too long. They shipped out to the US yesterday and should be received Monday (I think FedEx runs on President's Day)


Wow that is fast! I was expecting a few weeks added on to that. I remember you saying in the other tread that you wanted a quick turn-around and that you were holding the presale to almost the last min, but that is still fast.


Thanks again!

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Based on the vendor chosen for distribution, I am subject to their policy. And that is no money taken until the coin has a ship date and tracking number. We jumped the gun by about 24 hours, but that's close enough. People should begin to receive their coins next friday and Saturday.


I believe the TAG group did something similar. And there is another coin with a sale announcement sometime this afternoon with the same structure as well.


It's nice for a change isn't it?

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