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Your Favorite Cache


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I have found a couple of micros that were great hides, some I liked because of the container. One micro was in a loose brick on a wall close to a parking lot which is frequented everyday by a huge amount of people. I was amazed it had not been used to smash someones car window (it is in a rather seedy part of town). I found a regular/tradional cache that was anything but, and loved it for the container used, it's placement was perfect for the whole concept. One cache I found was a simple container inbedded in a concrete blob making it look like a rock and the placement of this cache was just in a perfect spot, it was not surrounded by rocks, but it looked totally natural just sitting there hiding a great cache underneath. I had to e mail the owner and let him know he had made my day. Some caches are placed in beautiful locations and even tho the cache was nothing great, the location was the best part of the day. I want to know what your favorite cache was and why. Was it that the container was unique? was it the theme? the place the cache took you to or through? was it a puzzle cache? was it just the creative genius that made you like it? how about the pure wicked, devious nature of the cache container and hide? I have marvelled at the creativeness of some of the containers out there and checked out the thread on the photos...wow!

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My favorite is the one I just found! :D


Actually, a good hide, interesting scenery or history- there's a couple around here that aren't even remotely interesting unless you've lived here as long as I have- they're set at the sites of places we all remember growing up, many of which are vacant lots or repurposed now.

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My favorite so far is Applesauce?? No, not applesauce


It's just an awesome multi that goes through a really nice preserve. It's simple, no tricky math just camo tags, but the tags are challenging, the spoilers are funny. (I found more on a return trip) Just an all-around great cache. It's a shame, but most cachers come to this preserve, grab the 3 traditionals and walk out without even attempting this one. If you are ever in the SW MI area, I highly reccommend it.

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Well im new to this but my favorite cache so far is one off a hiking trail in the forest it was an easy one to find becouse it basicly was just a small tube with the sign up sheet in it but its container was a big rubber snake, but thats not what made it so great becouse my dad who goes on cache hunts with me thought it was real and it freaked him out :P:huh:

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My favorite cache was the one we just completed last week. It was on an island that you had to walk/swim too. We started out by wading through the water and ended up swimming to the little island that had the cache on it. This was a first for us, it was a lot of fun. Young's Island Adventure, its up by Drummond Island, Michigan. beautiful scenery. This was only supposed to be knee-deep, it was chest high. We got soaked but had a blast.

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My favorite geocache has to be "Pinnacle Girl Scout Cache." It's my favorite geocache because it was my very first ever geocache to find. My friend was just introducing me to Geocaching and I can remember so vividly my excitement and enthusiasm of finding this ammo can resting near rocks at the top of a steep hill. How magical of an experience it was! Sometimes when Geocaching starts to feel mechanical I will often take a step back and reflect on what it is truly all about. Ah... the memories. :)

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We just returned from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Ely, Minnesota. Although the caches throughout the BWCAW are all virtual and not listed with geocaching.com, they were still amazing to find and see. It took us 50 miles of canoeing to see all the ones that were on the trek we planned, but they were amazing. The best one was at a waterfalls at Basswood Lake. The cache was a boundary marker for the Canadian/US border. In the middle of nowhere!!

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