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Geocaching Good Luck Charm

Monkey Toes

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My new sig item is a Geocaching bindrune. A bindrune is a combination of two or more runes in a design representing the power of the individual runes used to benifit the user. Basically it's a good luck charm. I used Ansuz, the signal rune; Raido, the journey rune; and Wunjo, the joy rune. These are for good satellite reception, a pleasant trip, and a happy ending. The idea is to attach it to your GPS to ensure a good outing. It's made from sculpey and hemp chord. Here's a picture.




Questions or comments?

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This is great!  How do I get one?

Unfortunatley, they are not available in stores. You'll either have to come down to my neck of the woods in hopes of finding one in a cache, or I'd be willing to trade for other unique/homemade sig items. I've only made a handful, but I'm looking into obtaining some illegal immigrant or child labor to mass produce them.


Informative web page for runes.


Check your email, doc.

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