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  1. Thank you for the offer, but I'll stick with CN v8.
  2. Man, I'm tired. On another list someone listed the segments and memory requirements for CN v8, and I realized that is what I was looking at but thought it was NT. The regular CN v8 will do just fine.
  3. Thanks Red90, The Garmin rep replied back after I asked more questions, politely explaining how the unlock system would not allow an upgrade to NT. The rep graciously offered to sell a "real" v8 NT at the upgrade price if it was that important to me. "The mechanism of doing it that way would be different as with the "out of the box" NT you would get a new unlock coupon to redeem with the disk." So, I need to decide if NT is the way to go. I've seen the comparisons for map sizes and the # of map segments for NT vs Non-NT. And I understand NT may cause some slow down of my 60Cx when searching POI's, or redrawing maps following a turn alert. I need input from 60Cx or 76Cx users if they are satisfied with NT. I wonder if I should start another thread?
  4. I have City Select North America v7, and ordered the City Navigator North America v8 upgrade DVD. I received the DVD, and did not load it after hearing my 60Cx could use the City Navigator NT maps. Since I did not purchase or use the City Navigator v8 upgrade DVD, I tried to order the City Navigator North America NT v8 upgrade DVD, but was unsuccessful since it shows I already ordered the City Navigator v8 upgrade DVD (but did not purchase or register it). This was Garmin's reply to my email to them: "Thank you for contacting Garmin. The system views the "original format" and the NT one as different products. If you have for the older version in the original format (which would be the case with a previous version of Select) the update route would involve updating to the same format with it (original format). It is the way the unlock system is set up. There isn't a way to move between them I'm sorry to say. Thank you again for your interest in Garmin GPS. Have you seen our online Map Viewer? Preview the basic data in many of the MapSource products firsthand." So if I'm following this correctly, they are saying I cannot upgrade to NT, because I didn't own the previous version of NT, but there was no previous version of NT?? Has anyone here doen the $75 upgrade from City Select v7, to City Navigator NT v8? If so, please help me.
  5. I didn't read the first post well enough and missed the part about the other card working. Hope the info was useful anyway.
  6. It's not the card, the problem is the connection between the battery contacts to the main circuit board. I had a 60Cx replaced under warranty, and the new one had the same problem within a week. To fix it, remove the screws holding the back on, carefully pry the back loose (it has an rtv like sealant). You'll see the battery compartment has chrome tabs that touch gold pads on the circuit board when the back is on. What happens is the contact becomes intermittent due to oxidation I think. Clean the gold pads with an eraser, then apply "bulb" or "contact" grease to the chrome tabs, or to the gold pads, your choice. Bulb grease was found at an AutoZone store, in a small packet on a small display near the register. The salesman didn't even know they had any. The repair appears to have fixed the problem completely, and it has never resurfaced.
  7. So far the fix has held. It survived 2 long motorcycle rides this weekend, including 1 highside (ouch), but kept on going - no screen fades! Thanks again!
  8. Opened the 60Cx up today, and see the problem clearly. Gold pads on the circuit board, and the chrome battery prongs. The usb prongs are gold, and I'm sure they will never have a problem. I bent the prongs out a little, cleaned up the gold pads with an eraser, and put some bulb grease on the prongs. Solved the screen fade when pressing the sides. Of course, I haven't used it on the bike yet :-) I found "bulb grease" at autozone in a small red and yellow packet hanging on a display on the counter top by one of the registers. Hope this works for awhile, if not i may just solder some small wires to ensure contact. Thanks again for the tip!
  9. Thanks again for the tip. I'll search again for the contact/conductive/bulb grease tomorrow. Internet search for bulb grease listed products in hobby stores (model trains), and automotive stores (I'll look again), I'll check ace hardware too.
  10. Well I couldn't find bulb or contact grease at the auto parts stores. Where did you get this stuff?
  11. This happened to me, and my replacement 60Cx lasted 2 hours on the motorcycle before it displayed the same symptoms. In my case, it is not the battery contacts, it is something internal. Once the unit is warm, on battery power, if you squeeze the sides, the screen fades and power is lost. I think the dirty contacts you describe are from small arcs when the contacts break contact with the prongs. I'm tempted to open it up, but don't want to lose the warranty. I read somewhere (can't find it now) of another person who just soldered small wires from the contacts to the other circuit board to fix the problem permanently. I think your "contact grease" is the same as automotive "bulb grease" (conductive grease), and I'll look for some. I hope no one confuses this with "dielectric" grease, which is an insulator, and would make the problem worse. How long has your unit been working now with the contact grease fix? Two years?
  12. I've seen that mentioned in another thread. I have the Garmin auto bean bag mount, which I like being able to put the whole mess on the floorboard when parking at a store. gpscity has the Garmin 60 mount: http://www.gpscity.com/item-garmin-gpsmap-...t/60automnt.htm Has anyone used this combo on a motorcycle or bicycle?? I don't know how secure the Garmin mount would be in that environment.
  13. The replacement was stuck in a cardboard box just like the one I sent them. I had removed the belt clip knob, lanyard, memory card, and screen protector from the original before I shipped it. The replacement came back the same way, but with the factory screen protector on it. A friend had a Volusia for a while and loved it. My Suzuki DRZ400SM is waiting for the tire, and is a hoot to ride, and modify. My '93 Honda ST1100 hasn't moved since I got the supermoto. The new Garmin Zumo is fancy but doesn't meet my needs. I love the 60Cx, and use it for geocaching, and like the form factor. Ride safe!
  14. So far it is fine. It came with 2.60, and 2.40, and I've already updated it to the most current 3.00 and 2.70 combo. I haven't used it in the RAM mount on the motorcyce yet (bike is awaiting new tire). I'm fearfult the RAM cradle or the vibes on the bike caused the problem. The RAM mount caused wear on the side of the 60Cx, and I may file the mount a bit to see if I can relieve the pressure point.
  15. Got my replacement today. Emailed my tech support contact about the MapSource registration, and he sent me the codes immediately. I'm very pleased with Garmin's support!
  16. I got an RMA number and the unit is going back to Garmin tomorrow. The screen would fade out on my RAM mount on the motorcycle using batteries. I could squeeze the sides of the 60Cx with my fingers and repeat the problem. I hope the replacement is trouble free.
  17. How do you use the USB mass storage mode? I jumped from 2.70 to 2.90, and don't know how to use option now to save tracks to the card, or pull them up on the computer. I've apparently been able to save a track to the card, but don't know what to do to see it on my Windows XP machine. I found it. You have to go to the setup page, select "interface", and there is an option for USB mass storage.
  18. I just tested the USB mass storage mode and they FIXED the issue I had with beta 2.71, where the only way to get out of that mode was to unplug usb or using safely remove hardware in the PC taskbar(windowsXP). Now you can just push the power button to restart the gpsr..... nice. tested on a 60cx. I really wish they would have actually fixed Waas or some of the other issues. maybe the new beta will address some of these. How do you use the USB mass storage mode? I jumped from 2.70 to 2.90, and don't know how to use option now to save tracks to the card, or pull them up on the computer. I've apparently been able to save a track to the card, but don't know what to do to see it on my Windows XP machine.
  19. Was the time of day the same for each fix?
  20. OOOoooh... where do you find that information?? The local Geocaching group had them posted on the yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Geocaching-HamptonRoadsVA/ But it's only for the local area.
  21. I have 900 or so Geocaches stored in regular memory as Geocaches, and use the Custom POI to load Free Wireless hotspots, Virginia Speedtraps, and over 1000 Benchmarks.
  22. On the Mac, when converting a .gpx file to Cachemate using MacCMConvert, I have to manually select several checkboxes to include Travel Bug Names, Container Type, Date info, Cache owner, descriptions, and number of logs to include (up tp 10). The first time I ran it, I didn't select the checkboxes, and got nothing on the palm but the name of the cache.
  23. So this plugs in to which port on the Garmin? I'd like to try it with a GPS60Cx, and Treo650. Well, I'm editing this since I think this is the right Power cord/Bluetooth adapter: http://store.yahoo.com/semsons-inc/bluetcarchar3.html Edited again: How do you set up the Tre650 to use it with Cachemate? And another edit :-) I just found the GPS button in Cachemate's options. I'm assuming after it's connected via bluetooth, the "Nearest caches" menu will use the GPS location as a reference - yes?
  24. Paul, I just bit the bullet and bought a cheap IBM T22 laptop off eBay. Made sure it had a DVD drive, and it came with Windows XPpro. I got it for a very reasonable price (not much more than Virtual PC), and it allows me to use all the GPS software available. I use the Mac to keep my Treo650 up to date with Cachemate. The PC Laptop is not used for anything else. Hope this helps!
  25. yeah, turning on declutter helps. And I've set Map Points to 300 ft too.
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