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Coin Wrappers


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I have received numerous coins over the past six months and I am beginning to notice that more coins are coming in wrappers or plastic envelopes that are flimsy, cracked or they come in plastic bags that have numerous holes.


Has anyone else noticed this? I am not talking about the packaging of the coin but what the coin comes in.


For example: today I received the lighthouse coins, they are beautiful but the plastic envelope that they came in is cracked in ten places (on both envelopes) and they are flimsy with no protection to the coin.

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The coin "flip" wrappers that I use for the TikiCoins are rather brittle - that is because they don't use any "softeners" in the plastic. The chemicals that make the sleeves soft actually can damage coins during long term storage. I'm sure this has been discussed to death elsewhere on these forms - be sure to get your storage supplies from a coin dealer who knows about archival storage techniques. Hm... That kinda drifted off topic. Just wanted to explain why some of the plastic sleeves can be "brittle". I have actually cut myself on the TikiCoin sleeves when breaking apart the perforated sheets! ;)



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