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Caching The Slopes

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Not yet but there are a couple around Val d'Isere that I hope to get at next month. They seem keen on their micros and at least one comes with a "may be buried under snow warning" so I guess you'd need understanding friends and good gloves :o One looks significantly off piste - most seem to double as summer walking/scrambling/high pass caches - so I won't be doing that one with the 7 year old, or by myself!

Andorra looks a bit thin on Google Earth - can't see anything around Soldeu and there are only 4 live in the country but there is a FTF that's been waiting for you since August 2005 ;)

There's a TB hotel literally across the road from Geneva Airport that looks worth a visit if you end up in The Alps and if it is back up soon - recently temp archived for checking after a DNF but I hope it will be sorted in the next 4 weeks...

Last time I looked there was a FTF waiting high on Mont Blanc too :P

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Around the greater Val d'Isère area (Tarentaise)(search) you have:


Haute Tarentaise by Kronkel (GCJ7MA) - missing, or I'll eat my rucksack

Hannibals cache by Kronkel (GCJ7KH) - almost certainly unavailable in winter

Wildlife cache by Kronkel (GCJ7K8) - just a micro on top of a rock, but a great location - available all year round

Genepy by Pick (GC4D10) - just to the left of what I think is a fairly easy ski slope - I climbed up from Tignes in the summer but it's available all year unless there's an awful lot of snow

Pyramide by Pick (GC4D04) - available all year

Le Tour Charvet by Pick (GC4CFE) - aimed at skiers, very hard to get to in summer, certainly without a good local map


That was as far as I got in my research when I was there this summer.

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:P Thanks for all the replies the FTF in Andorra has my name on it..... Will let you know how we get on. I think we'll have to spread the word and find a friend who could babysit a cache for us there.


Cheers Jo


On second thoughts, having attempted a translation from the Catalan this looks pretty impossible in the winter - Its actually at the peak of the Coma Pedrosa in Arinsal which is particularly avalanche prone - I don't fancy being responsible.


I have always wanted to visit in summer so maybe still a possible FTF this summer as it does look very difficult and requires some rock climbing. <_<

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There's a TB hotel literally across the road from Geneva Airport that looks worth a visit if you end up in The Alps and if it is back up soon - recently temp archived for checking after a DNF

For our info and being peak skiing season, the Geneva Airport TB hotel is back up if anyone is passing through...

Great! I'll get one cache then on my way to 1850 in a couple of weeks time. :wacko:

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On last year's skiing trip all we were able to find was the cache at Geneva airport: there were no caches in the vicinity of our resort. I'd like to say thanks to Kewfriend for placing a cache last week just in time for this year's trip! If there is any more fresh snow in the next few days we may be able to ski all the way to it! :P

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We found GC42E3 in Andorra, which is still one of our favourites. Snow wasn't brilliant at the time so it was easily accessible. Even with a lot of snow, it should be possible. As I remember there was only one other cache at that time (but now 2 more), but it was too high to get in winter - even with poor snow........


Also found a cache on the slope in Tignes near Val d'Isere - GC4D04


And another at the top of a piste in Seefeld, Austria - GCVKM0


If you go to Western Austria - you've got Germany 20 minutes North and Italy 40 minutes South. Last week we found caches in Italy, Germany and Austria - all in the same day!

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