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Ftf'er On Cache Site

Broccoli King

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Always more questions, and thanks for the assistance. I have seen cache pages where the FTF'er was listed (FTF: Frosty the WonderSchnauzer) above the comments, how is that done? Does it come up automatically or do I need to add it and if so, How? Thanks, BK

I'm guessing you would just add it to the text of cache page.

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Yep. When you make your log just enter it as something like:


FTF!!! Yes, yes, yes! (Doing the Happy Dance like Snoopy on crack!!!) Blah, blah, blah......


Ok, so maybe you want to be a little calmer about it (although I think I've likely used very similar text to that). :laughing: )


If you had a FTF and didn't list it you can always edit the entry to reflect your FTF. Some don't care about it - some care a LOT about it. It's up to you. Personally, I always list it. If someone else thinks I'm an idiot for that well...... they can join a long list of folks who think that about me! :mad:

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if you have found a ftf, this will surely be mentioned in your log.


if you have seen cache listings with the name of the ftf detailed in or below the description - this is something that the cache owner has decided to do.


only the cache owner can edit the listings description to show who was ftf, and most dont.


my suggestion is that you dont worry about it - the logs will show who was ftf, and you know if you got it!

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