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  1. What a shame. I wonder why they even bother logging into their account every few months, yet ignore my messages. Ah well. Hope they're making good use of my old spoon! Looks like it's finally gone!
  2. I'm hoping that someone can help me get in touch with AbnSweetP. They were the last to log one of my Travel bugs (TBHFA6) nearly 3 years ago on Jan 19 2009! Every now and then I've sent a message politely asking them to contact me and let me know if they have my T.B or if it's been lost, but have had no reply. The email addresses for them don't work and i'm almost about to give up hope! They do log in to their geocaching account though - the last time being just a few months ago. So, can anyone help me get to the bottom of this please??? Cheers! Scott
  3. I've been trying to get in touch with AbnSweetP for some time but had no reply. Second of the two email addresses above doesn't work Anyone have any suggestions??
  4. Nice work - i'm chuffed it's coming back!!!
  5. I did exactly the same thing some years ago after a horse in a field decided that it didn't like an ex girlfriend (seems the horse had better taste than me at the time!!) I'd recently watched a programme about horse whispering, and amazingly it worked!
  6. This seems to have gone a bit quiet of late - any news on the progress?? Really looking forward to being involved in this!
  7. I tried it when it first came out - and with a money back guarantee - waste of money as it didn't change anything. Every email I sent to get my money back was ignored!
  8. Thanks for all the replies to my question! It was just something I was thinking about in the bath tonight! I was diagnosed with a chronic nerve disease last year, so caching for me has very much slowed down. However, on a good day, I still like to walk (and wobble) a bit, and find the odd cache or two! Easy caches are definately the cache of choice for me now though! I 'own' a couple of caches that aren't too far away from me, but due to my diminishing abilities, I was wondering how the future for cache setting (for me) could work out. So, I thought of putting one in my own front garden. Now, I dont live anywhere particularly interesting, though I hope I could put together a reasonably interesting multi cache that could be done by anyone - even with a wheelchair, in half an hour or so. Like I said, it was just a thought - and as the mods will most likely approve it, I might even place it! Though there'd be no need to knock on the door, and I certainly wont be spying on cachers finding it, at least I'd be in a really good position to maintain the cache and keep it stocked up with goodies! Any further comments???
  9. Just wondering whether anyone has placed a cache in their own front garden. Would be very easy with regards to maintenance, and could also be wheelchair friendly (depending on the garden I suppose!) I know many people like to find urban micros - but how would you feel, finding a real cache, in an urban garden? Just a thought! Any comments most welcome!
  10. Could you tell us what charity you have in mind please? Off to bed now, but will add our birthdays tomorrow!
  11. I'll take the City and County of Bristol if it's still available! Cracking good idea I reckon! Be interesting to see how it all works out!
  12. I did a similar thing whilst after a cache - ducked under a low branch and heard a loud thump - it was my daughters head meeting up with the branch. No damage done to the tree, but my little girl screamed so much until I gave her an acorn to play with! Never told the missus about it though - dont think I'll get over the guilt for a long while yet!
  13. Very funny link! Near to us, we have - Snatch House Butt Hatch Wet pits Near to my parents place, they have a better selection! - Cum Hag Wood Cock Heads Bitchagreen Rimswell Cock bush hall farm Camp town Fanny Hands lane Beaver Dyke
  14. So, despite the spelling mistakes and poor grammar, becca&dan went on to find 8 of the cachers caches before talking about their issues with them on this forum. I guess something must have been alright with the caches then, as personally I wouldnt have bothered to look for that many if I wasnt pleased with what I was finding! It does remind me of the way the company I work for opperate. If there's a problem with a staff member, everyone gets to know about it, except the person 'at fault'. Perhaps a bit of constructive instruction wouldn't have gone a miss here. Like it's been said before, if one isnt happy with the description - then don't look for the cache. And, who knows if any learning disabilities, reading & writing issues etc etc, could be a contributing factor to the cache setters descriptions. Though as becca&dans profile states that becca is 'a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator'. I'm sure she knows best! Though in my opinion a notice on the forum might not really have been needed.
  15. Looks very strange to me! Sadly one of the coins mentioned has dissapeared from one of my own caches - Inner Gorge. I've been in touch with the owner of the coin and a couple of the previous finders of the cache, and unless someone logs it after a long holiday away from a computer, it looks as though it's been robbed by someone! Such a shame, as my cache was its first resting place What was the other coin to go missing? I doubt though that there'd be any link to be made from past logs, but i'd be interested to look. Still bloody mad that someones new coin got nicked from my cache. Once again, i'm wondering whether to just archive it, as after having had the cache left out in the open, the ammo can stolen, then the remaining contents - is it really worth the hassle to myself and those who have their travellers placed in it? I'm not happy at the moment!!
  16. Just got mine today! Its mission - travel to Mikumi, Tanzania. No caches close by to its destination, but I don't suppose that's the point really. I will add a keyring with its destination details, despite what others here have said. I think that any info regarding what the tb wishes to do can only be a help to it.
  17. Looks like a very tidy post Simply Paul! Which one was it? For R.O.C post fans, it appears that the one you are in has the internal layout built the opposite way round! This is quite a rarity, as out of (I think 1563 posts built) only a handful have the desk, indicator equipment and toilet cupboard on the right of you, as you stand in the shaft, looking into the room! I've been in quite a few, but never had the pleasure of going down a wrong un! I'll get me anorak now.
  18. They certainly can Alibags! - I think I know the expletive you deleted! - and yes, we were very lucky - especially as we 'might' have had a large pair of bolt croppers, that 'might' have been innocently found earlier on in the day, and 'might' have been in the boot of the car. Also, I 'might' have had a few pints in the pub before going caching in the middle of the night - but they didnt search the car! Even though they thought we'd been out robbing. The driver quite rightly was very sober, and honesty (though with some slurred words - all mine ) saved the day! As did the travel bug and the request for a photo - which really threw the women pc's - 'Shall we turn the blue lights off?' one of them asked?. After the first photo one of them said she'd done a blink, so would I take another one please? (!) So, if i'm confronted by the police again, I'll be honest about the caching, show them a cache page printout and definately try for another photo. If that doesnt work - at least the flash might give me a second or so head start!
  19. If you get caught, just be honest about what you're doing - how could you make up such stuff?!? Carrying a print out of the cache you're looking for can help, if you get stopped by the police - I know from experience! My example
  20. I love to pick free food as often as I can, and especially when caching! My favourite picking location is close to my house in Ashton Court Park in Bristol. A few good trees regularly produce good Beefsteak mushrooms (Fistulina hepatica) and Chicken of the Woods (sulphur polypore) as well as some nice Oyster mushrooms, amongst others. Sweet chestnuts can be found here as well, though hazel nuts tend to get hammered by the squirrels. Its a great spot for good clean nettles, elder flowers and berries etc, being far enough from busy roads. Also Ramsons, lime flowers and leaves, and Burdock and Horseradish roots on some of the disturbed parts of land. Theres even some caching to be done in the park! Now i'm feeling hungry!!
  21. Fantastic news! I am so pleased for you that this has come to an end. It must have been a nightmare for you to have endured all of this. Can you now tell us if the person who started the claim against you was a known geocacher? Im sure that if they were though, the issue would never have happened in the first place. Anyway, best wishes to you, and I hope you have many nights of quality sleep from now on! Take care!
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