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Compass And Cache

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Here are directions for one of my harder night caches:


From the starting point, a small tree, shoot a bearing of 65°, and walk 205 feet, to the first "firefly."

From the 2nd point, shoot a bearing of 85°, and walk for 205 feet.

From the 3rd point, shoot a bearing of 140°, and walk 140 feet. Stop in the gravel bar facing the tree branch, with Fireflies, you don't have to cross the water to reach this tree.

From the fourth point, shoot a bearing of 108°, and walk for 107 feet.

From the fith point, shoot a bearing of 140°, and walk 54 feet.

From the sixth point, shoot a bearing of 140° again, and follow a trail of Fireflies, for approximately 120 feet until you reach a large "V" shaped Cottonwood tree.

From the "V" shaped tree, shoot a bearing of 85° and walk 300 feet. Stop at Sycamore Tree (this tree does not have a Firefly)

Shoot a bearing of 8°, and walk 53 feet.

Shoot a bearing of 155° and walk 164 feet.

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Sounds great to me, but your local approver may nix it because it does not require GPS usage. There area lots of caches out there that do not require a GPS.. night reflector caches, photo caches, offset caches and other variations, but in reading the forums and with some personal experience, your chances of approval may vary depending on which approver you get.

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