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What Kind Of Log


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I live in Oregon, so it rains ALOT in the winter. What kind of pen, paper, pencil works best in these ultra high humidity (rain dripping off my hat onto the log) areas.


Found a cache today that I tried to sign but with the drips (see above) and water running down the pen, I only got the date down and everything went south.


It was in a Viney Maple grove. No tall Firs to hide under.

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You could create your own log using National Geographic adventure paper or you could use a Rite-in-the-Rain notebook. Both work great in the rain, but the NG paper is difficult to write on with a pencil. We use the GC.com branded Rite-in-the-Rain notebooks for our ammo boxes. These are availabe from the Groundspeak store. Note that the small GC.com notebook is not the waterproof paper. We've used NG paper for micros.

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Pencil doesn't run, but doesn't write on wet or damp paper.

sharpies don't run, but don't write well on wet paper (damp not to shabby).

Space Pens are supposed to write on wet/damp paper and not run.

The UniBall Powertank is another pen that writes ok on wet/damp paper and doesn't run. You can find this pen at a lot of local stores for a reasonable price.


For wet paper you should get enough water off so it's damp. Writing in a puddle of water is different from writing on paper that is soaked but doesnt' have standing water on it. Also something that doesn't write well...still writes. A lot of pens won't write at all on damp paper let alone wet paper.


Adventure paper is supposed to hold ink better than other paper so even inks that might run will hold up better.


Rite in the Rain can be written on when it's wet or damp with a pencil. That's what they are designed for. However they are not designed for prolonged exposure. They are meant as a field notbook that will go back inside with you when you dry out.


Gel Pens write very well on wet and damp paper. Some run more than others, most run.


There is a thread that tests a lot of this, but without the search ability it's going to be hard to find.

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