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Need A Little Help


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Well santa decided to upgrade my GPS for me and I now have the Garmin Legend C instead of the plain Garmin Legend.


My questions(s)


How do I transfer waypoints into my GPS? I have everything I need but can't figure out how to do it with this GPS.


Software I have:


GSAK ( I have never used this program because it looks difficult, but it is downloaded)




The Garmin Mapsource Trip and Waypoint Manager.



Before you say read the directions, I have. I even did a search in the help and topics. Nothing. I am not looking for detailed info here. I just want to download (transfer) waypoints into my GPS so I don't have to enter them in by hand like I did my old one.


Thanks In Advance

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GSAK will load the waypoints directly into the Legend via the cable after you got the PQ data from geocaching.com. Do you have a cable? Note that you could have automatically transfered waypoint the same way into your old Legend. You don't need Cachemate - that's for a Palm.

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The reason why I hand typed it is because the cable broke and I have forgotten. I do have a plam, that's why I have cachemate.


What's the best way to put waypints onto GSAK? It asked me a bunch of questions when I went to load the waypoints.


I also wat to know if GSAK has a map that shows the geocaches?



Edit: The USB cable came with the Legend C, so yes I have one.

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Your MapSource program will open .loc and .gpx files. Click on "File" and select "Open". Where it says "Files of Type", change it from " Garmin GPS Database Files (*.gdb) to .loc or .gpx. Then browse to locate your downloaded file.


If you don't see those file types are available, download the latest MapSource update HERE. It's free.

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What's the best way to put waypints onto GSAK? It asked me a bunch of questions when I went to load the waypoints.

If all you want to do is load waypoints to the gps, you might want to check out EasyGPS. Once you've told it what gps you have and want port the cable is connected to you all you'll have to do is the open the file in easygps and hit send.


If you haven't used GSAK before its likely trying to figure your name, location, and preferences, etc. GSAK is great program with lots of functions! If you run PQs often enough you can use it to store an offline database of waypoints B) and file the waypoints about a thousand different ways , but if your just using it to upload to the gps its a lot more than you need. (sorta like learning to drive in a Porsche, more than you need.)

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