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Is It Just Me?

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I keep finding threads ranting about other peoples behaviour and listing things they don't like about other people and the way they cache or use the countryside.


Personally I refuse define other people by what I dislike about them and choose instead only to consider what I like about them. I find to do otherwise diminishes me and makes little difference to them. In that spirit I would like to wish everyone a very happy christmas and hope you all have a wonderfull new year.


May your caches stay put and your searches be succesfull.


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At least this isn't a rant about the rants - that really would be circular. :rolleyes:


There's a bit of Christmas high-spirits about, and a sprinkle of midwinter grumbling due to lack of sunlight, but I don't think the forum's gone down hill as such. It does people good to have a nice moan once in a while, especially to people who have no ability to improve the situation. Ah, what it is to be English/British/Human. (Delete as applicable)



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I too let loose a bit last night. :lol: A bit of the Christmas spirits and off I went!! My contribution to the rant was very much tongue in cheek and I didn't mean to upset anyone. :rolleyes:


Let me take this opportunity to wish all my fellow cachers and their families a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and Happy New Year!!


I only heard about the hobby in October and I'm now up to 50 odd finds (no congratulation thread please... :lol: ) I know I will still be taking part in this strange and addictive hobby for years to come and I would like to think I might be able to meet up with other cachers over the next 12 months.




that's it... :D

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I know what you mean Chris :D


However like some of the caches I review, as long as they don't break the guidelines I have to let them go. However I DO follow "ranting" threads to make sure that they don't get out of hand (in my opinion). Maybe it's me but I prefer to give someone the benefit of the doubt rather than step in and censor posts. I guess I get the balance wrong from time to time but .....


Hey it's Christmas :P;):D

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More of an issue, as I see it, is the off-topic threads which seem to be a tad more prevalent at the moment. Still, there's an easy fix for them - start your own thread on something i) Closely geocaching related. ii) Interesting. iii) Upbeat (and hard to turn into a moan!) iv) Likely to generate enough posts to keep it near the top of the page for a while, as other threads drop down the page - and off it.


Get those thinking caps (or xmas party hats) on.

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I have been known to go off on one, something I'm not really proud of :) Problem is, being the 'foreigner in Blighty' I sometimes write things back to front or badly and the more sensitive types immediately take what I wrote the wrong way and get upset. These days I'm more likely to read or ignore the posts!


But to change the subject, I hope you all have a good Christmas Day :P and enjoy you pressies!

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