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Dashboard Mount For Garmin 60cs


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I wasn't try to be a smart arse (ok, maybe a little bit). RAM mounts seem to get the best raves around here. Others like the Garmin beanbag mount. Since you can't search the forums this week, here's a link to a discussion on about page 6 of the (now 21 page) thread on the 60CS that talks about these mounts. I would point you to question 1 in the accessories section of the FAQ, but it will just link you to that same thread.

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I have been using the standard Garmin suction cup mount for the 60cs the last 6 months and have been very pleased. It has never fallen off the windshield once yet, even while driving off-road.


I have seen where some folks have modified the mount slightly with a pencil grinder to notch out more clearance for the power adaptor cord. I intend to do that one of these days to make it easier to snap the gps into the mount while the cord is being used.


I mainly went with this mount versus the Ram mount because I'm cheap. Everything I've read about the Ram makes it sound superior, but, pricier.

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My wife has the Garmin bean bag mount. We trade off driving so it needs to move back and forth over the dashboard quite a bit. It does move a bit too much sometimes when we go over bumps too fast or in rough terrain. I think it also came with an attachement that could be glued down, but we opted not to mess up the dashboard or windshield with this option. If you don't want to drill or use glue, then the bean bag mount is a pretty good solution.

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