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  1. Click the persons name, then in Profile Options (top right) there's a drop down which includes posts by that person. When I click on a person's name, it brings me to her Geocaching.com profile and not the forum profile????
  2. Just a suggestion. A cacher took a TB and accidently wrote the tracking number in his log. There is no way for the owner of the TB to edit the cacher's log and erase the tracking number. Untill we reach the cacher, the only thing possible is to delete the log or encrypt it permanently. Wouldn't it possible to have the choice of encrypting the log tempararely untill we can reach the cacher or untill he edits his log.
  3. Pinster56 30 MOC in 1980 caches in the Wilmington area, in a 100 mile radius. You are really an unlucky guy, they most have all poped out near your location.
  4. exactly, so when you pay for premium TV, you get channel that others don't get. Once you own a TV, shoudn't all channels be available to everybody without paying for premium TV?
  5. Excuse me to bring that up but when reading your hobbies, it does say that one of them is Caribbean Cruises, so when you say "a lot of us" I guess it doesn't include yourself. I'm sure you could easly become a Premium Member. I just came back from a cruise and you must know that you can also be in the Captain's Club wich means that you get special treatment. So let's just say that beeing a Premium Member is like beeing in the Captain's Club. So by not beeing in the Captain's Club on the ship, you DO NOT get penalized, you just don't get that little special treatment.
  6. Be aware that not all GPS are compatible with S&T. I have a Garmin LegendC and 60C and both don't work with S&T
  7. From what I read on anoher thread, it seems that the GPS that comes with S&T wont recalculate if you miss a turn.
  8. Like I said, there is no problem with electronic equipement. The only thing that is not allowed and they do say so before taxiing, is the cell phone. It's the only item not allowed once the plane starts moving untill it comes to a complete stop at the end of the flight.
  9. I have the bike mount on my motorcycle and it does a great job (no vibration). It comes with two different (thickness) rubber pads depending on the size of the handlebar.
  10. Just came back last week from a trip to Florida. Had my GPS on me, no problem. Even powered it up connected to my laptop (once the plane reached its cruising altitude) and no problem.. They only ask not to start electronic equipment untill the plane as reach the cruising altitude. Have a nice trip
  11. If the Vista C is like the LegendC, the fastest way is to configure your routing option to "prompt" so when you get close to the cache after following road, just ask you GPS to recalculate and its gonna prompt you to choose between "off road" or "follow road" that way you wont have to go to the routing menu everytime.
  12. Like I always say, there is no better instruction books than this forum.
  13. Nope, its not automatic. In order to get the compass, it really has to recalculate off road. The only choice you have is to have it prompt you or go to the routing menu and change it manually PS: good luck
  14. You have to go in the routing menu (setup - routing) and choose "prompt" in order for the GPS to ask if you wanna recalculate "off road" or "follow road". Otherwise, you have to go to the routing menu to change it manually every time.
  15. When you arrive near the cache, I think you must ask to recalculate and make sure you choose "off road" so it changes to the compass page. At least, thats what I have to do with my LegendC.
  16. Can you imagine if they could track you down because of your GPS. That means that every army unit or equipment using GPS (tanks, plans etc.) could be fired upon just by beeing traked by the ennemy who would know their exact location???
  17. I don't really know how and where they get their info. Over here, there is a street that has been there for about 3 years and it still doesn't show with CS7. I don't think there is a way of deleting or updating any info that is obsolete
  18. Have you tried GPXsonar. Works with my IPAQ Z-1710 http://gpxsonar.homeip.net/default.aspx
  19. Did leave once, one canadian dollar for a canadian quarter and gave it to a kid I know who collects them.
  20. The best thing I found until now is a digital camera case. Slips in and out very easaly, some have double pouch, one I use for spare batteries. Can fit around your belt or around your neck.
  21. City Select will work with mapsource wich kinda works like S&T but city select will also allow you to do auto routing with maps details of any city in North America.
  22. Garmin's GPS like the VistaC or LegendC etc. are not compatible with S&T.
  23. Have you tried Google Earth you'll see where they are all over the world. Once installed, go to "My account" and click on Geocaching.com "download browser in Google Earth" bottom right on the page Google Earth
  24. You cannot ajust the contrast level. The only way is to use the backlight. It really ain't much power consumption. If in my car, I use a lighter adapter.
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