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Adoption Needed


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Due to changes at home in interest and mobilityLegs and feet bad both Cachengrab and Grabette Patricia, I am looking for adopting Cachers for the cahes listed below.

I prefer to have them taken over by a cacher so that they will not need to be pulled. If I do not see possible adoptions happening within the next few weeks I will remove so that they do not become geotrash. All you need to do so that the adoptions will take place is notify Cache-tech and point him to this post. He will let you pick some or all to call your own.


Thanks it was a blast but time to move on.


Name Date

Put-N-My-Top-Down Found: 12/14/2005 Micro Campbellford

Bayshore Coffee Cache Found: 12/8/2005 Multi Regular Belleville

The Old Duck Blind Found: 12/4/2005 Micro Stirling

Teeny Tennis Found: 12/4/2005 Micro Springbrook

The Miner's Loop Found: 12/4/2005 Micro Marmora

Cache4Christmas Found: 12/3/2005 Regular Stirling

Madoc Town Line Road Found: 11/13/2005 Regular Madoc

LOG IT Found: 11/13/2005 Micro Madoc

Cached In Found: 10/16/2005 Regular Brighton

Cachengrab Family Cache Found: 9/14/2005 Regular Brighton

The Project Found: 9/6/2005 Regular Napanee

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Sorry about the bounce back Binrat, change of email addy a few months ago. Forgot to change on this site, thanks for the info and effort. Off to change email preferance.


Hoping things are well at you end, you and GeoGranny have a Merry Christmas with our good thoughts and wishes from our home to yours.

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You still need anybody to adopt these geocaches. I live in Belleville and will probably look after these for you. Next week on my days off will look for the geocaches that I havent found. Ya never know i might meet up with Binrat again. As long as he doesnt make fun out of my vehicle again.



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