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Geocachers In Turkey?


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HI geocache people


I am curiouse if there are some caches in alanya

we go there for holiday every year

and like to cache in a other country very much

maybe there are some cachers living in alanya ??


we can talk and tell our experience about the caching


if someone has the geocache map from turkey can you put a link on the forum

that we can see where the caches are

thank you



greetings team woutjewouterse

woutje and Lady

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In 1 month we will arrive in Turkey. I have pre shipped about 5 medium size ammo cans, and a 1 prefilled cache container (a bit smaller than the medium size). Once we get settled there, i will work on placing them in the countryside. If you have good ideas for locations near Adana, let me know. Currently there is only 1 within a 50 mile radius of the city.

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I'm looking for geochers in Aegean Turkey that can take care of 2 caches that I have placed in the Datca Peninsula, just west of Marmaris.


The cache reviewers refused to publish those 2 caches because I'm not neither a local geocacher nor I can garantee a timely visit to the locations for regular maintenance.


This prevent 2 caches that are already placed to go active.


So if anyone locally or regular tourinst can garantee the maintence pls let me know as I have to forward his/her nome to the reviews to get the caches activated.


Thanks, Madmartigand

email madmartigand@yahoo.com

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