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  1. Have arrived and set up household here in Turkey. Would welcome any thoughts/emails/interesting facts that would help me post some local geocaches in the area. Local location is n37.00.119 e35.26.565. will be moving approx 1-2 km in a few days.
  2. In 1 month we will arrive in Turkey. I have pre shipped about 5 medium size ammo cans, and a 1 prefilled cache container (a bit smaller than the medium size). Once we get settled there, i will work on placing them in the countryside. If you have good ideas for locations near Adana, let me know. Currently there is only 1 within a 50 mile radius of the city.
  3. Will be moving to Turkey in February of 2008 for 2 yrs. Not seeing much in the way of Cache listings for there. Am I just looking in the wrong spot? If not, I look forward to placing a few! Course I might need help translating the Geocache info paper into Turkish.
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