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Rsa Cache Coordinates


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Hi all SA cachers!


Not having time to go out geocaching, I've wasted some energy on downloading all the RSA caches' coordinates (up to 23 Oct '05) and combined them into one EasyGPS (.loc) file. From here I send them all to the GPS and then back to MapSource, TrackMaker or whichever mapping software you have. Very nice when planning an overland trip to see which detours you can take to log those not so often visited caches!


Anyone interested just give me a shout - I can e-mail the file which is about 120Kb (or only 51Kb in MapSource (.gdb) format).


Happy caching! :)

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Done something similar using Mapsource and GSAK. Since we will be in Southern and Western Cape (Plet and Cape Town) during December, I have already started building a few "caching routes", using the Mapsource route building features.


Very nice!


Now to convince the rest of the family that we must stop at all those caches, when going up to Muisbosskerm and when visiting the lighthouse at Cape Agulhas :)

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Similar to the above, for those interested in testing out GSAK (www.gsak.net) as a cache planning tool / toy :) , let me know and I can email you a full .GPX extract of South African caches. Unfortunately, from a found/not found perspective, because I will be doing the extract, it takes my setting, but you will at least have a good idea of how GSAK works.

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:rolleyes: Great stuff GR!


To Dicombob: Re 350 caches hidden in SA as stated in the Top Billing insert - I think we're closer to 450 now! :blink:

Another 50 and I'll be at the max for my GPS! Have you guys seen the big gap for caches in the Northern Cape - how about a hide in Prieska or that small place called Van Wyksvlei Capetonian cachers??

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I was wandering when someone was going to comment on that - All that filming, and they choose to show purely the one mistake i make :ph34r:

In my original post in the Top Billing thread I had actually commented on your problem with numbers.... but due to your stirling effort on the show I thought I would let it slide and edited it out...


But now that you brought it up.... shame on you :rolleyes::ph34r::blink::ph34r:

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