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Registering A Cache


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Hi slednguy


It usually takes two to three days for the reviewer to approve a cache. It might take longer if theres a backlog. It might take longer if it is a long ways away from your home coordinates. It might take longer if there are 'unusual' aspects to your cache. Waiting sure is excruciating isn't it? My first cache actually took about ten days to be approved. It was a long ways from my home coordinates and I hadn't had that many finds yet. I think I probably checked my email every hour till it got approved. (hey wait I still do that! B)) If it has been a few days and you haven't heard anything yet I believe that there is a link on the 'submit a cache' page where you can contact someone about your cache.


Good luck!


p.s. the mapquest thing is automatically generated.

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On a related note, I tried to submit a cache for registration today, only to have some weird server error come up. I tried submitting a few times and didn't get anywhere, so I'm left with two possible options, as I see them:


1. Something's going on with the Geocaching server tonight.

2. My first kick at HTML based cache descriptions made the server puke.


Any info on the first scenario, or any pointers on how to properly script HTML descriptions from more experienced cachers, would be appreciated.





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1.  Something's going on with the Geocaching server tonight.

2.  My first kick at HTML based cache descriptions made the server puke.

1. It's usually best to submit new caches during the week as the weekend is peak time for logging activity.


2. I recall that the site uses HTML Tidy to validate the HTML code - so you might want to try running your code through HTML Tidy (there's an on-line version) to see if it throws up anything it doesn't like.


My HTML is so basic that my problem is usually just forgetting to check the "Descriptions below are in HTML" box :D

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Thanks, H. O.  I tried submitting again Sunday morning, and everything went off smoothly, so I'm guessing it was just server load on a Saturday evening.



You're welcome and it was a nice cache indeed. Completed it today with Team Namthcof and got FTF. Made it additionally tougher by waiting until sunset to do it. Will be celebrating at you know where with the FTF prize. Thanks!

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