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Travel Bug Etiquette

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We are travelling next month to Europe and I was wondering about travel bug etiquette. If the travel bug doesn't mention where it wants to go, can I take it to Europe with me and put it in a cache there? We aren't expected to go until mid-November so can I wait and take a couple of bugs a couple of days before we leave to take? Any insight on the right and wrongs of travel bugs would be appreciated.

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You might drop a note to the owner and ask if they would mind. I had two that I was taking to Canada. One of the owners was happy about it and the other ask if I could keep his in the states. So I dropped the one here and took the other with me. On the other hand, if they don't answer you, take it with you. Just give them a few days or so to answer.

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Yep, and most don't mind if you hold onto for a while (again, ask first) so go find a few bugs two or three weeks ahead of time and send the email. That'll give the owner enough time to respond and you more time to find another bug if they say no.

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I also have a TB etiquette question. What if anything do you leave when taking a TB? I wasn’t prepared when I found my first cache with my boys and it contained a TB. I would have liked to take it and move to another Cache but wasn’t sure what to do so I just logged we found the cache and left everything as is.


After seeing this post I’m glad I didn’t take it. Since I would think it would be great to see my TB going over the pond. Make a trip over and back would really be something.



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Depends on the TB's goal.

If it has no goal, then any cache is good. Europe, Australia, New Jersey, where ever.

If it has a goal, then try not to take it too far out of its way. :ph34r:

I have a TB that wanted to go from NJ to Maine. It detoured through Tennessee, but is now in New Hampshire.

My caching cohort's bug wanting to go from NJ to San Antonio to Hollywood disappeared from northern Minnesota. San Antonio to Minnesota is over a thousand miles in the wrong direction. Oh, well.

I do follow the adventures of bugs that I've handled. One was travelling form Washington to Vermont. It was kidnapped out of NJ, and taken to Switzerland. Read the goals.

Another was travelling from Scotland to Rome and back to Scotland. I picked it up in NJ, and left it in NYC. From there it went to Austria and Germany.

Might not be a bad idea to check with the owners to see if they mind their bug travelling that far, though.

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I wish someone would have taken my travel bug to Europe.

You might not be so happy to have your bug move to Europe if it's dropped into a cache and then sits there without moving forever after that. Heck, I took bugs to Montana and they are just sitting there - even the White Jeep didn't move until I started posting pointed messages in the Montana area. Don't be so anxious to have your bug visit an area that might have very low activity.

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