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Photos In The Forums.


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First you need somewhere on the internet to store the photo. Something like personal web space, a company web site, your user account or something else. Upload the photo to that internet spot.

Then use the img button above the forum edit window to insert the internet address of the photo. Something like: http://www.wnag.net/myphoto.jpg


Make sure it is forum friendly by not being too big for display or too big of a file size.

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First you need to upload your pic to the internet. I use http://www.imageshack.us to do this. You choose a photo from your computer and upload it.




After it is uploaded it will display a page full of links that you can use.




This is nice because it has a varity of links to use. You can post the full image, like above, or just post an image thumbnail. It's as easy as coping and then pasting the provided link into your message. Take advantage of the preview button here to make sure things look just right.



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Use the image buttons in the code section of the posting window, thusly:



I am putting my URL in the box provided when i select the IMG code button. When I submit I just get an error message saying that it will not accept dynamic pages.

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I am glad you broght this up. I have been around her for 2 years and I have never tried to post a picture before and with a little plaing around I think I got it.


What you have to do on the imageshack page go the the hotlink for forums and cut and past that hot link.





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