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I actually have a palm IIIc that I got for free and it worked perfectly for paperless caching today. My only complaint was that at times the screen could be a bit hard to see because of the sun, but besides that it worked great. The battery held up for 5 full hours of caching (with a little less than 50% used), so if you need it to go for days and days of caching without a charge, that could present a problem.

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I have an older Sony Clie (runs palm OS - identical to palm) PEG-SJ22. Great little pda. Has sony memory stick slot, high res color screen, and an internal lithium rechargable battery. Two years ago I paid $100 for it at a retail store. You could probably get one for pretty cheap on eBay now. GSAK on the computer and Cachemate on the palm. Add a pocket query and I have the best of the paperless realm. Life is good.



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I have a palm/magellan snap-on. It just goes right onto the back of the m515 and wala! What I do is copy and paste the coords, hints, and desicriptions into the "notes" part of the sync program. Then, after syncing, I copy and paste the coords to the gps program. Copy and pasting is a little hard with the graffiti pad, though.

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I have a Palm IIIC, and it works awesome for paperless caching,.....the only thing you might want to get after is cachemate for 7-8$, and download GSAK. it's the best thing we ever had for caching. we go on a week trip somewhere, I load up all the caches for that area on my 60C and the Palm, 500 or so caches. and while driving I check on the gps map and when we see a cache, take the palm out and read the description of the cache, and if it seems easy or fun enough, we just do it.

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