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What exactly is so offensive about the Katrina post, and if "Max Cacher" (whoever he is; not a regular in this forum, surely) is authorized to close the topic, would it be asking too much to explain why?


Perhaps if Rob had referred to all the benchmarks under the floodwaters rather than the trivial loss of life and property, it would have been OK to express concern for our fellow Americans at a time of enormous hardship?



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There was absolutely nothing "offensive" about the closed thread. Off-topic threads are closed and moved to the proper forum every day of the week. Max Cacher, the moderator for the Benchmark Hunting forum, applied the forum guidelines and closed a thread that was off-topic in this forum.


If you wish to post your views on how Groundspeak ought to respond to the Hurricane Katrina tragedy, please do so in the thread mentioned in John's post above. If you wish to convey your sympathy and concerns for geocachers and benchmarkers in the affected region, please post to the thread in the South and Southeast regional forum.





Global Forum Moderator

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I read every post in every thread and do not post much as a moderator and only causality under my real login name, is that so bad . Am also a moderator for the South, Southeast Forums.


There are duplicate threads popping up everywhere, but the one in South, Southeast Forums will remain open.


I do apologize for not stating why the thread was closed, I do this so rarely, kind of thought you would just know why as it was being done site wide


Max Cacher

Geocaching.com Volunteer Cache Reviewer // Moderator

BTW have found and logged over 500 benchmarks if it matters

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Although the Katrina hurricane damage to New Orleans does beg the question. There are a LOT of benchmarks in the New Orleans, SE Louisiana, Coastal Mississippi area. Especially as the local agencies have been trying to track the land settling and disappearing in that area. Kind of a trivial thought in the midst of the carnage, but I can't imagine how many of the marks have gone missing, not to mention some of the off shore drilling rig PIDs.

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I just posted what I did because because I felt it was worth saying. I don't post anywhere else. My friends are here. I don't geocache, so to the geocacher's, I'd add little value.


I said it here for the people who read only here. That was what I was thinking. You know, just to say to the Benchmark Hunters, keep those folks in harm's way in your thoughts. That's all.


To be honest, the rules, and the closing of my thread of kindness does seem a bit, well, curious, amongst other things.


Not My Dog.



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;) Did you really mean causality and, if so, what does that mean in the context of your message? ;)

I think he probably meant "casually."


Spelling is one of the first things to go in these forums (but it's far worse in the Blackberry and mobile phone emails one gets).



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