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Any Must Do Caches On The Outer Banks & Myrtle Bea


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there are probably more, but two i know of are "jester's cedar fork," located at the end of the obx (hatteras village), and "blackbeard's revenge," located on ocracoke island. 4x4 recommended for both, but are possible to do without 4x4 if you have a lot of determination. have fun down there, i'm jealous!

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Wow, MB has so many caches. The best though are probably at the State Park, where you do have to pay a fee to get in. A lot of MB's caches are drive-by micros. They are ok, especially if you have tired kids with you! There are also several at the old air force base that has been converted into different parks. I know one that is a little south of MB and has a cool ghost story to it is Alice's Grave. It is a virtual. Feel free to email me.

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Some of my favorite OBX caches were:

GCJ75C - Windy Sunsetspecial

GCGTBF - Ocean Opposite

GCGEQQ - State boardwalk Cache

- OBX Lost but Found (forgot to write down waypoint)

There is also a couple webcam caches there if you like those.


Micro Beach -

My favorite one was archived awhile back and I haven't done the state park caches yet, but if I was going to spend a day caching, I think that's where I would head.

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