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  1. I like that synopsis. I just scanned over this thread and might have over looked the suggestion that I am suggesting here. I understand the reasoning in having each get a credit for an event or a new cache but until the ptb make it possible. Then why not just have a team account and you can link to your profiles on the page for identity credit.
  2. Well after looking at the profile of the OP I can see it's an easy conclusion that it is his web site. and a nice one at that. hope fully he or someone else will chime in and help me out on just what the heck is a (jumping buffalo chip) if there is such a thing. Or am I going to find out that, that is just what I stepped into here.
  3. I got curious and clicked on the home page in the link above it took a little looking to find that particular page again from the home page, from the story where I found it at I wish that the fellow would have added links to a web page or something instead of a link to download a .mov file. From the link above on my system the video does not work I googled (jumping buffalo chip) and the only thing I could come up with is the same page as above. So I still have no idea what a (jumping buffalo chip) is. Interesting Web site though.
  4. Well I'm not sure and the video doesn't work for me
  5. Especially while looking at your avatar, please no offense. But I would still like to know?
  6. Here is a thread that might offer some more helpThread
  7. Yep. I emailed her. She did that on a shrinkydink. She said it took a few tries to get it right. Sure are some good ideas here. But just what is a shrinkydink?
  8. You might try reading and posting in this thread All about avatars
  9. I think jet fuel is around $2.30 edit: wrong price sorry by bad
  10. Thanks cache test but I think I'm the dummie I looked at the url and I see how now
  11. Let me know if it worked for you.
  12. Hi Swift Wolf I can't seem to figure out how to copy paste that page and the icons to show up with out a direct link to a archived cache of mine, but it seems to all show up in a regular email if you send me a message I'll be glad to send it to you.
  13. Of course I'm not sure But I think the sequence your looking for is to download the gpx files from geocaching.com to your computer, then import to Gsak, then use the filers and flags to manipulate. Hope this helps.
  14. To my understanding it is the number of sequence that you became a member.
  15. Your number 35059 you can hover your curser over the name over any avatar then look at the bottom of the browser
  16. Personally, I want to die like Grandpa, peacefully in his sleep. ...not screaming in terror like his passengers. I needed that laugh this morning...thank you! I'll second that I'm still laughing
  17. Yep a good thread this is all the post are informative, myself have printed out the goal sheet that is on the Tbug Page for a few bugs that I picked up that did not have one, and put in a zip lock before moving them along. It does help. But I would like to take time and hope that it's not wrong or in bad taste to do this is to give credit to all the people that have moved my Tbug Taco along. I know that I have been really lucky he's been out on the road a long time. But I would especially like to mention and say thank you toSA_ParrotHead They are a model of exceptional Hosts. Every one should be as gracious. Edit: darned typo's
  18. I think that pretty much explain it except that you may and or should list at both sites
  19. You ara sooo right about that. And to think it takes so little effort.
  20. I've had the thought to, and was wondering if it needed and or should to be listed over there at that site also.
  21. It just hit me would this be one way streets only, and are they all wild eyed and frothing at the mouth when this is being accomplished. ;)
  22. Yep went to Garmin and it's page 24&25 in the manual
  23. First you can manually add a waypoint or do it by down loading them but for now to do it manually you should have a mark or MOB (man over board button) when you press this button your waypoint is saved as your location at the time you pressed it then you can edit the Lat & Lon and add the icon to be included with that group. Does this help?
  24. I think that your talking about icons for the type of waypoint that you can choose to use
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