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What Would You Like To See In A Cache?


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This is a follow on, on Warthog's thread!

Let’s start a:

1. "What would you like to see in a cache?"

2. "What type of container should be used?"

2. "How much money would you spend on a cache?"

:D:o:P thread!


Items I put is mostly:

1. Always a Jeep Key ring (Because I am a Jeep fan! :lol: )

2. Geocacher.co.za Woodnickle or two

3. Our Signature laminated info sheet on the cache.

4. I have included unactivated travelbugs before

5. Normally a geocoin or travelbug with a mission.

6. A plastic toy-- Must admit is not always the most expensive ones!

7. A www.geocaching.co item like a compass or cache sticker.


The containers I use are normally a "Addis" 2L container. I find them more watertight than ice-cream containers. The container is normally marked with a permanent marker on the top and then covered in a Hessian bag-- proudly made by my daughter!

Well I have never even checked what I spend but is seems like I am up there with the rest of the "Good cache" compliant group. :D

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This is actually an interesting topic. I'm going to keep this short and just share a few of my thoughts, and might expand on it later. Firstly to find a cache is supposed to be like finding a treasure, and now that I think about it, the more original you can be the better. There isn't much fun in finding a cache that you can almost predict what's in it. We haven't had too much experience in hiding caches, but from what I have found, the container and the logbook play a big part in making the treasure feel more important, or feel more worth the effort of finding it. As for the contents... well, too much of one thing quickly degrades its value. For example, we have a bag of marbles which FryHard has had since school, each being very important since they weren't easy to come by, some being the prize of a victorious game of marbles (I forget how we played) - But now, to place one marble in a cache that may already have a bag of marbles would be pointless, since in anyone else’s eyes it's just another marble. I'm not too sure what my point is, but I think it has something to do with changing your initial items after a while, to keep things interesting.. I'm not talking about signature items, they of course are a different story. Oh, and since I was keeping this short I might as well say that it is always nice to attach items to a cacher that's been there, not many of us do this yet, but for example... the laminated "Noddy was Here" has been spotted in many a Gauteng cache, from his Gauteng caching trip, (not sure if he is still hiding these), but now I won't forget who Noddy is. I think finding a signature item reminds us of who is playing this cool game/sport/adventure! B)

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We have no idea of the monetary value of our caches, but we do place swag that is above average.


Susan makes "sun catchers" which are placed in each of our caches - only one per cache as they are unique and expensive to make.


Our signature cards are always placed in our caches and we have "Azaruk was here" cards for ones we find.


Apart from those, we have placed calculators, watches, fancy goods, tool-kits, books and so on.


We try to make each cache different to keep the concept of "treasure" alive. It would be dead boring if all our caches contained similar items and the finders would soon comment! B)

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Just to add my two cents (and maybe a bit more in the cache itself) B)


I went past the local "Amazing/Chepy" shop last night and for just over R 100, bought enough items to fill al least two 2 litre cache containers. This covered toys for boys and girls as well as items for adults both men and ladies.


It is also a great place to take a walk through if you are out of ideas of what to put in a cache.

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I understand that people might want expensive stuff in their caches, but to me that seems to be abit pointless, as long as the stuff isn't trash or useless. Most of my caching treasure is stuff that I've had lying in boxes or draws that I think someone else would like. When I take something, I always try and leave something of equal value. That said, I have quite often left treasure without taking treasure, which alot of geocachers do, and I think that's a great way to keep caches full. So, what do I leave? Mostly small toys and collectable things such as cards and so forth.

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