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New To This And Need Some Help.

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My wife and I are new to this, and we LOVE it. We are really not sure what we are doing we have been on the hunt for 6 and have only found 1. We have a iPaq HX4705 and bluetooth conect to a Navman 4100. We get the log/lat cord and the map from Map quest, and off we go. A few things we would like to know. Is the equipment we are using not going to work, or are we missing some software that would help? Second is there a place we can go to get more info about geocashing? Thank you for you help.

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I was more worried about hurting the PDA than the find.  I was looking at the Garmin GPSMAP 60CS.  Is this a good unit?

Yes, the Garmin GPSMAP line are all very good GPSr units and are rugged enough that if you drop them or get them wet they will still work fine. I have a GPSMAP 60C and love it. The unit does everything I could think of and more. You may still want to use the PDA however for paperless caching (info like descriptions, logs..etc). A cheap palm unit can do this nicely though so there would really be no need to use your iPaq.

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Yes thanks I have read that one.  I am thinking maybe I need this, Garmin eTrex Legend 8 MB GPS with PC Cable?

You can't go wrong with the eTrex Legend. It is a solid tool for GeoCaching.


I use both the Legend an a Pocket PC solution, depending on location, climate, and my mood. :-)

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