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What Makes A Good Multi??

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I can certainly apprecaite you wanting to ask opinions, but be aware (like anything else) you can't please everybody.


My only multi (out of 28 hides) takes about 2-3 hours to complete but takes you to some spots in the mountians (accessed by roads - very little hiking until the final) that have been forgotten. Old towns that are no more, old railroad tunnels cutting through the mountains, etc.


The final spot is where a town and booming railstop used to be. You can still walk about 100 yards down the tunnel and see the old trestle and railraod ties nearby as well.


This was something that I wanted to share with others. I know it's not for everybody but those that have doen it have really enjoyed it. For me, it was placing a cache/experience that I wanted others to share, not placing it based on what I thought they wanted.


It obviosuly has fewer finds that my traditional caches that are short hikes. But those willing to do it are rewarded accordingly.

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Some people like multi caches. Some don't. I don't, but there are exceptions. I liked one called Evil Cache. Maybe because I did it the right way and it involved a 500 mile round trip while the FTF crew did it the cheap way.


The big reason I don't like them is murpheys law. I've got more than a few that I'll never get back to, or which I started but havn't finished, or which were archived after I had to quit.

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I like multis where there's actually something hidden at every stage. Virtual waypoints where you take the third number of the year of the founding of whatsistown, or count the number of points on the Burger King's crown, or whatever, aren't nearly as much fun as finding something placed by the cache hider.


I also like multis that take you along a particular path because that's the best or coolest way to get to the final, rather than just taking you up and down and around random places (and past a few more parking areas...) just for the heck of it. There are exceptions, though, like a loop that takes you back to your starting point, or a really cool puzzle multi that needs to cover some ground. I like puzzles that can be figured out in the field; needing to go home and figure stuff out is not fun.

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I prefer multis that use existing numbers, instead of having to find a tag or micro at the different stages. There is a five-stage multi through parts of a large city park that uses dates on structures (a bridge), numbers on road signs, addresses painted on curbs, etc.


I'm puzzle-challenged, so if it involves a puzzle . . . I filter those out of my Pocket Queries . . . so they don't even exist. ;)

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