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Event Cache/ Get Together


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Been in contact with Azaruk on having a get together weekend in the Drakensberg (Mahai caravan park) :D Yes I know it is in the middle of the winter and cold but so WHAT!

I thought we could hold it the weekend of the 16 or 23 July. Any other suggestion. The reason for the "berg" is that it is central for us Vaalies and for the KZN people

+- 220 km from JHB.

Anybody interested post here or email Azaruk or me.

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Brick for me no problem. Never been there myself! We need to hear from the other people interested as well is the venue is OK. Both venues are so close together that we can plan the event cahe somewere in the middle.

Mahai is just a little bit closer for the KZN boys! Azaruk said he has something on that weekend and the following would be better but..... let see what we can get together.

For me no problem both weekends!

COuld you email me with the booking details of Golden Gate. Is it a caravan park?

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If you haven't been to Golden Gate, make an effort. It is the most amazing place!


I can make either of the dates. My "clash" of dates can be changed to suit the event cache, no problem.


Would be great to see some other responses here though.

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Sounds like a plan, though with minimal leave and the need to do some serious caching and work we may not be able to make it.


All the same, it would be great to get some more info on the event. Cost per camping spot, amount of sand roads required ( :unsure: the new car does not like sand just yet), amount of camping spots available.


Thanx for the choice of a great spot since the entire QFC will be in close vancinity.

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While you guys are there.....maybe somebody can reinstate this cache?


Golden Gate


I realised to late during my last stay at GG that it was archived, but have to say that the area lends itself to great hiding places. The Lang Toon (?) dam also springs to mind.


Anyhow, enjoy! Very envious, but a break will not be possible anytime soon:(

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Well ........ a pretty poor response to a darn good idea .......


I suggest we re-think this one and set a date a bit further along on the calendar.


Due to the possibility of a clash between a proposed social event here at home and the Event Cache, we have had to make a decision, which is to do the home thing on the weekend of the 16th.


Suggest we send emails to SA Cachers asking for suitable dates, etc, and plan an Event Cache from there.


The one that was in PMB a while ago was also undersubscribed, although there WERE more people there than responded to this one.

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Suggest we send emails to SA Cachers asking for suitable dates, etc, and plan an Event Cache from there.

I agree to this statement, I only just saw this thread, but I'm keen. Have an exam at the end of July so the 17th'ish is good for me, but I'll need more details. Can maybe convince AE_James to come too.

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I think you should e-mail everyone with the details. If you email me then I'll forward on to all the cachers I know or have e-mail addresses for:











(I havn't spelt all the names right, in a bit of a hurry, sorry).

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