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Epoxy Coated Geocoins

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In my limited experience with Geocaching I haven't see many coins coated with epoxy. Why do you think that is? What are everyone's thoughts on how that makes the coin look or feel? I only ask cause I am trying to figure out how I want mine to look. I have noticed though that once epoxy is applied they don't really fit in the coin holders.



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I think that the epoxy coating adds to the appearance.


That being said, please don't flame me on this. I do NOT mean that the coins that don't have the coating are somehow lacking.


Epoxy seems to add a 3-D look to a coin's engraving. Particularly when the image is a landscape, like the 2004 Washington coins. It also adds a level of protection to the coin's engraving.


It is a sorta expensive option, but I am using it on my coins.

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The idaho geocoin has epoxy on the front, and none on the reverse.  I like it.  I like it alot.

Same goes for the Utah geocoins, expect ours have it on both front and back. Without the epoxy the color would probably come off too easily. With the epoxy, all the details are protected.

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