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  1. When you are using the scanner do you just place it on there and scan, or do you have some kind of paper with a coin size hole cut out? I find that when scanning a coin the scanner of course don't close all the way and that dead space scans black.
  2. Besides PPPP this was my first time Caching with all but one of the ACD Team members. I've enjoyed getting to know you all a little better and hope to cache more frequently with any of you in the future. To our hosts/tour guides....NorthWes, Daddy Ladybug, Mama Mouse, Trove Rover and Weizguyz, you all were so wonderful!!! I was also provided the opportunity to do a "ride along" with Trove Rover & Mama Mouse which I am so greatfull for. All of the Alaska cachers that knew we were coming (and 2 that we ran into on the trails that didn't have a clue about us) were just so nice and open. 110% of this experience was positive and a blast! I will never forget the people that reranged there schedules and bent over backwards to accomodate us lower 48'ers. I really can't express how touched I am over this whole experience. Now to figure out my thoughts and start the long cache logging process.
  3. Well I think I'll start packing now.....tis going to be a late night and even earlier morning. Since I just moved i'm finding it a little more difficult finding the items I need.......sigh.....maybe I should just let someone else go in my place 5 hours or so till I head out.
  4. ARR SEA at 10:05PM That sounds much better than the 1:30 am arrival
  5. I will check with the boss today and see about missing the extra day of work. For now count me as one of bodies that would be able to stay back if need be.
  6. It's been so long I don't even remember if I’m on this list....if I've expresses interest please remove such interest and allow someone else to partake.
  7. I second the quality over quantity. I would be happy taking a day to scale to the top of a peak and get one cache and come home. I'm guessing our group has an age span of about 15 years and varying degrees of fitness, so "hikes" could potentially leave out some members of the group. I am not one that will have a problem with any route or number we go after and will be supportive with whatever decision we all come up with.
  8. Also did anyone leave a jacket behind at WP#4. let me know cause I picked it up for you.
  9. This was one incredible caching experience into a whole new realm of Multi-caches. Cent5 has an incredible imagination and has such a creative mind to think these things up. Not to mention the most generous person I’ve ever met when it comes to geocaching! I can not believe I was FTF on this excellent adventure. It’s been about 4 hours now and I still feel like a kid on Christmas morning….I can’t help but think I don’t deserve it either. Kind of like buyers remorse. When the first WP opened it was a mad frenzy for the prized next set of WP’s. I was towards the end of the group to get the coordinates (since I value my appendages) but the first out of the parking lot and headed to #2. I was the first one there and it took me a little longer than I had hoped but found it and moved on to #9. I ran down to it and picked up ACD#9 (which Funny Nose has now) and punched the coordinates in and took off….got to the car…where’s my keys …ran back down to the cache to get my keys . Next I headed over to #3 (Prying Pandora, Marcus, GG were all ready there) and jumped on the rope and climbed the hill only to make everything much harder. I spent about 15 minutes looking in the wrong area. Came out and of course the others were all long gone and LandRover was there. Headed over to #11 were I met up with (PlaidGuy, Marcus and GG) We all copied the coordinates down and I put the laminated coordinates back in and hoped the fence to rehide. Off to #4 now where I met up with Prying Pandora, Marcus and GG. We found the cache passed out the coordinates and I rehid it. For me there was only one logical spot for the final so I got in the suZUKi and headed to #5 expecting to be one of the LTF. After taking the very long run through the area I finally found it and I am the FTF…no this can’t be right…I am shocked!!! I took the 2005 FTF Alaska Silver geocoin and traded Utah geocoin for North Carolina geocoin. No more than a minute later GlobalGirl and Marcus show up….minute after that PlaidGuy shows up as well. Great job everyone! I really hope everyone was able to complete this today. I really can’t thank Cent5 enough for this once in a lifetime opportunity! Thank you just doesn’t do it justice.
  10. "Stuffed with Fluff" I guess used to be out in the water when it was first placed almost 2 years ago. If you park in marked spots near the cache you will be about 20 yards from it. "Keechelus Crossing II" water is way to low to even use the boat ramp to get anything out there. This "island" cache isn't an island right now. If you try driving out to it bring some tow straps But it is absolutely a walk to cache at this time....sorry C5
  11. Gracia (the coordinates MA gave in his death march list) is just a spot on the logging road where the Iron Horse trail crosses it. Without blocking the trail I think you could probably park 8 vechicles. Of course there is bound to be 1 or 2 others with the day off up there as well.
  12. I found a few in the area yesturday and Iron Horse is still there. Right where the cache description says it is.
  13. If I don't do it before then (or I get a job) I will join ya'll. I like the idea of doing the whole 22 miles Anyone feel like doing that
  14. I could handle being put on the list for 6. Thanks
  15. In my limited experience with Geocaching I haven't see many coins coated with epoxy. Why do you think that is? What are everyone's thoughts on how that makes the coin look or feel? I only ask cause I am trying to figure out how I want mine to look. I have noticed though that once epoxy is applied they don't really fit in the coin holders. Thanks!
  16. Just found out about this today....guess I'd better get to finishing DDD.
  17. How close are you to finalizing the design? Please add me to the list for 10 coins. Thanks
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