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Need Some Help With Microsoft Maps &trips

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When I go to enter the coordinates for 44 56.250 089 59.187 I get this message

Enter a latitude that is at least –90(the south pole) but not greater than 90 (the north pole) and a longitude that is at least –180 (maximum west) but not greater than 180 (maximum east)

This coordinates should take me to a spot in Bowler Wisconsin. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Russ

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If your using streets & trips you need to enter the numbers this way




you need the plus and minus at the begining.


The way I came up with the numbers was go to the upper left hand corner typed in bowler wi. then clicked on find, then clicked on bowler wi. zoomed in on bowler put the curser on the dot and read the numbers out of the lower right hand corner

after going to tools and clicking on the location sensor

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Not sure how to use that one. I entered number and nothing happens.

You'll probably want to use a convertor, like those already mentioned, to prevent typographical, math, etc. errors.


But I thought I'd answer your specific question to aid in understanding. To convert DD MM.MMM format to DD.DDD format


1. Divide the minutes by 60

2. Add the results to the degrees


This is because there are 60 minutes in a degree. (FYI there are 60 seconds in a minute). The math is pretty straight forward, and every now and then I have to convert between the formats when the internet isn't handy.

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