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Geocaching has, I think, the best online community. Generally eveyone is great and we all get along very well (Because Geocachers are the best people). Now's your chance to prove me right:


A friend of mine is doing research into Smilies ( :grin::rolleyes::grin: ) for his honour project and would greatly appreciate it if people would give their input to his questionnaire. You can find his questionnaire at my3q. Please not that this is an acedemic questionnaire and the results arn't used to make him or me rich :(

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Well, for something that is very geocaching related, check out my questionnaire at My Webpage. It's all to do with GPSr and there's a question that asks how often you use your GPS and one that asks what activities you do. There's a geocaching option :(


This thread won't run very long anyway, as it's only a semester project and has to be finished relatively soon.

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The response to the questionnaire has been way beyond my expectations. (Okey, not way, way past my expectations, but I'm being positive :ph34r: ) To date I have had 24 responses to the questionnaire. The report will be going in this week on the 30th of June, and I'll let everyone know how it went.

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