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Bellageo Cache Game

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I don't know of any in the Portland area, but there are several near Gig Harbor, the Kitsap Peninsula, as well as the Seattle area. Check out this thread also in the NW forum for others. As I recall someone has posted a bookmark list of night caches someplace in there or in the pinned thread at the top of the NW forum with bookmark lists.

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This is a cool lookin' night cache. 




Do you know of anything similiar in our region?

Here's a list of all the night caches remaining on my Todo list. It doesn't have the ones I've done already, of which Nocturnal Navigator (near Anacortes) was the best.


The nightcaching capital is the area between Gig Harbor and Silverdale. The upcoming Bremerton cache machine intends to kick off the event with an early morning night cache, but they might as well start the evening before and do a dozen of them. There's too many of them for a single night.

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:huh: I just put out the first night cache in our area Night Owl I found that the tree cover was so dense my GPS wouldn't work and it occurred to me that sometimes it would be nice to geocache somewhere but the tree cover forbids it and maybe some sort of daytime reflectors might work. Does anyone know of any caches like this or have suggestions about using laser or UV flashlights to locate a trail of reflectors?
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