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  1. I did a test with the inreach explorer. I compared the inreach against my old Magellan Marine. I had a waypoint set to the Northeast corner of the barn for testing purposes some years ago. I set the inreach to the same coordinates as the Megellan setting the fourth, last, digit of both the North and West to zero. As said by both dprovan and StefandD the results were the same for both units. Each unit took me to the Northeast corner of the barn. Thanks guys for confirming the correct way to set up the inreach explorer for geocaching type coordinates.
  2. Thank you StefandD. That is what I guessed. I will do some experiments to familiarize myself with with the inreach.
  3. I have my Garmin inreach set to degrees minutes The last coordinates has four digits rather than the three digits used in geocaching. Example, geocaching GPS N37 00.222 W104 12.123 Example, inreach N37 00.2220 W104 12.1230 Would the inreach coordinates get me to the same place as the GPS coordinates? In other words to enter a GPS coordinates into the inreach do I enter a zero in the last digit?
  4. Thanks for all the great information. This is exactly what I was looking for. As long as I am out in the open with plenty of satellites locked on and in no hurry I am good to go.
  5. I have an old magellan meridian marine gps unit. I am wondering if it is just as accurate as the newest GPS units? I don't want to do anything fancy. I just want to know about its accuracy as compared to the new units. Loren
  6. It depends on your Palm's capabilities Scare Force One. Here's another option: (maybe) If your Palm runs a web browser like Blazer then one can browse the target page, select Save Page and you are done. Loren
  7. I've gone to Caches and not signed the Logbook or Logged online. I've gone to Cache sites and just enjoyed the area/view. It all balances out. GeoCaching to me is about enjoyment rather than finds. To each their own as long as nobody gets hurt. <shrug> Loren
  8. Mountain Marsh log says evergreenhiker visited GC8 on September 16, 2003. I wouldn't have that picture. Bummer! I have the pictures burnt on CD and backed up. Not online yet, but I'm looking at some options. I did confirm via email with Dave Ulmer that he was FTF GC8. Some how we missed getting the first page of the Cache Log. Probably had to do with the snow mixed with rain. I ripped that page off the Cache site from several posts. Loren
  9. I'm doing some research on GC8. I'm wonder if anyone has pictures of the log book entries, the stump and placement of the cache and the creek before the flood. I have pictures of the log entries through 2002. The first finder appears to be "Dave". Moun10Bike indicates on one of his pictures this is Dave Ulmer. How cool is that? Loren
  10. To be sure there are some things left. I have pictures, as do a lot of Cachers, of all the logs through 2002. Plus pictures of the Cache container. If someone wanted to make a tribute cache as Team Misguided spoke of I'd be willing to share. Loren
  11. Well Harriet I'm as "local" as any Cacher. Har! About 18 air miles from GC8. I have considered, pondered and weighed adopting Mountain Marsh. Here's my conclusions: The Cache Container is gone. The Cache site is gone. What is left to adopt? The name? Would adopting just be a sham? Making me a Shaman? What would people be going to the site to see, do? I might be willing to take on the job IF I can be convinced there is a acceptable, to me, reason to continue. Maybe ending the Cache is "setting things right"? Loren
  12. I was just at GC8's location yesterday June 26 and confirmed it got washed away in the winter mountain floods. I had logged it in 2003 so I knew where it was. The area is now a 20 foot deep 100 foot wide canyon. No possible hope to recover. See GC8's site. Loren
  13. Hi Steve03 I use the Palm TX which has Wifi and a web browser plus email. This may be more expensive than you had in mind. About $250 or look on ebay. Entire Cache web pages can be save on this little device. One can look up updates from your motel for instance. Free Wifi hotspots are every where. Well not hard to find anyway. One can even log their find on the road. Loren
  14. Thanks 2oldfarts I learn something new everday here. Loren
  15. Hi mckee Are you interested in the map itself or info on the map? I have the: U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service Mt. Hood Wilderness Mt. Hood National Forest Oregon 1978 This is the Wilderness map but it includes a good piece of the National Forest as well. From Wemme on the West to Highway 35 on the East From Bull Run Lake on the North to Barlow Pass on the South. Loren
  16. You might call and ask about the June Lake trail Mt. St. Helens Monument Headquarters 360-449-7800. When the menu comes up push O for Operator. This will give you the very nice helpful gal at the front desk. Ask a question and if she doesn't know off she goes down the hall to the person that would have that information. Also you might want to keep an eye on the Current Update of the U.S. Geological Survey, Vancouver, Washington. Loren
  17. The Yale Bridge has a bit of interesting History. This bridge is the only steel short-span suspension bridge in the state. Note the large Nest. I've got my eye on this for a future Cache site. Loren
  18. Here's their other one: Cougar Eyes---A nighttime geocache Loren
  19. Hi Cache Game We just did a Night Cache near Sisters Oregon last weekend with a similar motif to Raining Sawyer. Spooks & Spiders ------ A Nighttime geocache They have a couple others in the Bend area. Loren
  20. As co- owner of Mt. St. Helens - As Seen On TV let me just add a couple comments. A couple recent finds and DNF have whined about the difficulty of finding the right road to the Cache. When my son and I made this Cache he put the Cord. for suggested parking thing that would be enough. I realize you guys are a bunch of old hands at sniffing out the right way, HOWEVER!!! LOL I did see your last "Assault" play out. I'd hate to see you guys be slowed down. I don't want to give any spoilers. BUT I'd be willing to post or email those that want directions from say Cougar or Jacks Restaurant to the beginning of the Right Road. Yes the Cache is just south of Lake Merwin. BUT can you get there from......... Loren
  21. Blacravin put a bug in my ear on the Steve's Secret Stash site that got me pumped up on this little fun project. Definiatly keep me posted on the trip down. Did you note I logged the Plan B for P&C ? By the way anyone heading up on the mountain area from the Cougar side might want to stop by the Mt. St. Helens Monument Headquarters in beautiful "downtown" Chelatchie Prairie. Or at least give um a call. It's a bit out of the way for those coming in from Woodland. 20 miles round trip from Jacks Restaurant They have a HUGE wall map of the area. You can practically see the locks on the gates. Here's their locaton: SR 503 (NE Yale Bridge Rd) Latitude: N45° 55.582' Longitude: W122° 22.779' Here's Drive times from/to Mountain Marsh which is just a few miles past Ape Caves Maps & Driving Times Loren
  22. Nice Map Nolenator. We walked in on 83 from Marble Mountain Sno-Park. This, by chance put us on the right side of both creeks, which may give future lookies something to ponder. I see the NY finders log has been removed. BOY HOWDY!!! Hate to be upstaged by some NY super cacher. Loren
  23. Thanks to all for the kind words. What a warm welcome to the Forums. For a good read on the snow conditions at Mountain Marsh go to C.C. Bigfoot Hide-A-Cache Start at the earliest logs and concentrate on the early finds and Did Not Finds. You'll get a grip on the situation. Understand that the "expected to open in 2 weeks" is just a guess based on past experience and current condition. That said it has nothing to do with reality 2 weeks from now. C.C. Bigfoot Hide-A-Cache's starting point is .21 miles from Mountain Marsh and is on the right side of right creek that gives so many trouble. HOWEVER it is also on the wrong side of the creek that gives nobody trouble. Huh! It's a Marsh, there are small creeks, adapt and overcome. LOL Loren
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