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  1. I am planning to do a nice big hike for around my 65th birthday (Feb. 12) either Sat. the 12th or Sun. 13th. Might want to park a car at trail end and then drive to trail head and do the hike. Unless someone knows a nice circular route. Maybe a 10 - 15 mile hike. Anyone interested in walking it with me? I need to get out and do some hiking. I am missing the walks, the caches and being out in one of the most beautiful areas of the USA.
  2. Not right on your route but well worth the side loop from San Luis to Los Osos. There are some great caches in Los Osos and it is a lovely area besides. Then from Los Osos you get right back on Highway 1 near Morro Bay.
  3. Oh darn, will be camping up north. Have fun.
  4. I'm all for it. Sounds like diabolical fun.
  5. They are open and they are located next to the pizza restaurant in the Vons center. We'll have to watch the forecast for Saturday. May only be cloudy but possible showers.
  6. I figure to be there at 10am and all the rest can meet us between 10-10:30 at CADS. I will call them in the morning to be sure they are open. The PGE link is PGE
  7. I just went online and found the PGE site for the trail and have printed out a release form I will bring for each of us to give to the guard. I just talked to Jim and he's all for it. We can meet either at CADS Coffee House‎ - 1056 Los Osos Valley Rd, Los Osos or Starbucks‎ -1230 Los Osos Valley Rd # 1, Los Osos I'll check their hours and let you know which one. I'm not a big Starbucks fan and will see if CADS is open that time on Saturday. But we have backup for our coffee. And meeting at a coffee shop beats standing around at a trailhead until everyone assembles. Gosh, this sounds fun. Be sure to bring something for lunch.
  8. You'll just have to postpone the Little Pine Mountain thing. I can't make it on the 8th as I HAVE to go camping and play poker all weekend. (All right everybody, lets hear it, AAAHHHHHHHH, poor guy!) I just talked to OP and Saturday the 1st looks good on her multiple calendars. Now we need to see if Jen can make it.
  9. What's this about a hike along the new Montana de Oro trail in November? I may be up for that! Maybe the whole family will be up for it, but I'm available on my own most Fridays, with the whole family Saturdays as well as in the afternoon Sundays, and just the girls and me the remaining days of the week. I suspect this is a fairly easy (flat) trail. Jen Well I have been told of several people interested in a walk in Montana do Oro south. I'm for it so let's do it. How about Saturday the 1st or Sunday the 2nd? I figure maybe about 10:30am or so to give south county or SM people a chance to drive up. What say you Jim, Jen, Laurie? Anyone else?
  10. So, OP, what's up for Saturday. I have it on my calendar but have not seen much about it. Is it just you and I again? That's fine too but hopefully we can get a few others to join us. Things have been crazy and I have not gotten out like I want to. Maybe more in November.
  11. Anyone doing any hikes this weekend? I'm pretty much on my own and footloose and free. If you're up to doing anything, email me a short msg on my cell at NOSPAM8052358115@mobile.c1-slo.comNOSPAM (delete the NOSPAMs of course)
  12. It was a beautiful weekend at the lake. I didn't do much hiking but brought my bike along and did some riding and enjoyed a ride out Rocky Trail for aways. I turned around before the real climb. I'm not a masochist. When I was there last time in my hiking I found a big pond that was part of the lake, just beyond a road and linked by culverts, that I thought might be a good spot to try for sunfish. Sunday I went there after hearing others were not having much luck and tried drowning a few nightcrawlers. I did ok for being out of practice for fishing. In about 4 hours I managed to catch and save 9 sunnies. I fumblefingered 3 good ones that managed to get away and I threw back about 5 or 6 that were too small or were bullheads. I even remembered how to filet them like my folks taught me and had sunfish for supper Sunday and cooked up the rest Monday night for Rikki and I. Yumm! I'll put the tech meet at the library on my calendar.
  13. I was looking at my calendar and discovered that this weekend is Labor Day weekend! (When you work as much as I do you kinda lose track of days, weeks, months.) What year is it anyway? Anyway, I didn't want to lay about at home because my boss would make me work without overtime. (When you work for yourself you have an a__h_le for a boss.) So I called out to Lake Margarita to see if they possibly might have a space for my new 5th wheeler. They must've had a cancelation because they had a primo spot open. So, if anyone is interested in coming out to the lake, going for a hike or two or just keeping me company (I'm learning how to be a bachelor once again ) and sharing a beer or glass of wine, come on out. I will be at Osprey #1 next to the tree. I would love for a bit of company, believe me. Let me know if you want to come out. I'm driving out on Friday evening and staying until Monday PM.
  14. I plan to attend the POC techie night thing. Hope to see you all there. Now the big news. I bought a RV! Yahoo! I was browsing Craigslist Saturday and found a 5th wheeler and truck for sale in Paso. I drove out right away and got a deal of a lifetime. A 2001 Fleetwood and a 2003 Ford F250 Super. The truck has just 30K miles and the trailer is in wonderful condition. I will be trying them out this weekend out at Margarita Lake at campsite Ospey #7. If you are interested in coming for a visit and doing a bit of hiking, let me know. Or if you don't want to hike and just sit around and drink a beer, I'm all for that too. (I'll be camping by myself as Rikki is going off to camp with the girls at Mono Hot Springs.) I'm pretty sure my cell phone won't work out there so email me by Friday morning or just come on out and visit.
  15. What is FAST group caching? Oh, I get it, a play off SLO group caching. Duh, a little slo but I catch on after a bit. Anyone want to do a hike this weekend?
  16. The slmslo crew and I went for a nice hike in the Cerro Alto area. Visited my two caches on the trail then went to an interesting spot I found while googleearthing the area. We placed a cache there, not listed as yet, and then went up to Butterfly Grove and ate our lunch then visited the cave. It was a lovely day, a nice hike and we missed your sparkling personality but we made the best of it and had a great day. We encountered a couple of muggles from Bakersfield at the grove and I think we convinced them that geocaching will be their next hobby. We are thinking of another hike in a week or two. Keep your dial tuned to this station.
  17. Anybody up for a hike this weekend? I'm getting too fat and lazy, I need a hike.
  18. I will be visiting Colorado Springs the end of July for a few day. Does anyone have bookmarks for favorite caches in that area? Not looking for too hard, 3 star terrain or less, as I am used to closer to sea level than a mile high. Or if you don't have a bookmark list, what are Not-to-miss caches there?
  19. I am thinking about going to the Wine/Whine GeoCACHEathon I see OP and PSJ are going to try to be there. Who else is going?
  20. I have an Earthcache Morros Earthcache that requires no maintenance and I created it by asking several geography professors at our local colleges what would be the best examples in our area of interesting geographical sites. Then it just took some research, a hike or two up there and creating it. Nothing difficult.
  21. Well the picnic at Stadium Park and the Gear Up on May 4th gatherings have come and gone. While not well attended the participants had fun. Especially at the picnic. Who could have guessed that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would attend! When Brad and Angelina came up the path asking where the geocache picnic was, well you could have knocked us over with a Magellan. I thought OP was going to swoon when Brad gave her a big kiss. (To keep from falling over by grabbing his ears was a bit of fast thinking OP.) And then when Angelina gave all the guys a kiss, well that was almost better than discovering a new cache. Things settled down later and OP's young colts found the two hidden caches set out just for the picnic and claimed their prizes. Then OP was going on about the log book my granddaughters put in my newest cache, Hundred Acre Wood - Pooh's House, and I had no idea what she was talking about.... we then hiked back to the cache and found out that they had found another unlisted cache only about 10 feet from mine!! Someone had placed a cache, apparently, right about the time I had mine listed. And of course it is too close to another cache to get authorized. I've tried to find out who's cache it is but have not found out yet. We then went back to the stadium and relaxed and listened to the band playing and just enjoyed the wonderful, gorgeous day at Stadium Park.
  22. Yes there are two picnics that day, same place, same time. But it should not be a hindrance but add to the festivities. There's plenty of room at the Park. Just look for the geocache colored balloons and you will find us. Also, though OP didn't write about it here, she has the room at the library booked for a pre-picnic gathering. "A local group of geocachers is gathering Sunday, 9 am at the Polin-Martin Room to talk about/learn more about geocaching. " See GC1BAH1 Event - Cache Gear Up on May 4th
  23. This has been appearing on the weekly Geocache notice. Are you signed up for that? Go to GC1AKAT
  24. This is about our upcoming event at Stadium Park. I have been checking but we have had a very small response to our picnic but events have conspired to make this bigger and better than I thought. How about some ice cream and drink venders? Maybe a porta-potty or two? Not enough for you? How about a band? No, geo_cats didn't win the lottery. ALPS, Atascadero Land Preservation Society has scheduled a picnic the same day, same time, same place!! So us geocachers will have to gather together in one portion of the park. Look for the yellow, green, blue and orange balloons (geocache colors). So this will be a fun filled day of eating, geocaching and music. So if you were hesitant to come because of a lack of a potty, that's now solved. Or if you thought it might be too strenuous to walk the 1/4 mile to the park, then I will inform you that Marge Mackey, who is in her 80s, will be there as she is organizing the ALPS picnic. Hope to see you there.
  25. Well I'm off tomorrow to visit Yuma AZ and Tallahassee FL to see daughters, g-kids and do some caching. I've preloaded my trusty Garmin with many geocaches, loaded my laptop and printed out a few interesting ones I really want to check out. Should be fun. BTW, if any POC would like to borrow my audio book on cassette tapes of, A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson, let me know. This is a humorous and educational story about hiking the AT, Appalachian Trail. I know OP will echo this, it is a very good and funny book. Well, ta ta for now. Catch you in about 10 days. And don't forget, the picnic is on May 4th. Mark your calendars.
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